Prince Harry Praises Volunteers Delivering Food Packages During Corona Virus


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Daily Mail

Prince Harry, 35, praised young charity workers who have been delivering food packages to the vulnerable during the pandemic. The Duke of Sussex, who is currently staying in Tyler Perry's mansion in LA, spoke with three youngsters who work with StreetGames, volunteering for the Sport at the Heart (SATH) charity.

Daily Mail

In a video that was shared on the charity's fan page, Prince Harry addressed the volunteers saying, "You guys can speak better than I can, but actually helping people, makes you feel better." He continued to give some heartfelt advice on how he has been coping with the lockdown. He emphasized that staying active is essential for your mental wellbeing. "You understand the importance of being outside and using sport and outside activities to stay fit, not just physically fit but mentally fit as well," said Prince Harry.


He continued, "Stay safe. You’re doing such amazing work and thank you so much for being you, and for being so kind and compassionate and caring to others." Since moving back to LA, Prince Harry and Meghan have spent a great deal of time volunteering and delivering food to the residents who are suffering from critical illnesses. There's no doubt about it, these two love giving back!