Meet Rob Kenney: YouTube's Viral Father


| LAST UPDATE 05/24/2020

By Scarlett Adler
Euro Weekly News Spain via YouTube

"Dad, how do I?". For our pint-sized selves, there was nothing our crafty superheroes couldn't do; You know, like miraculously save us from those monsters under our beds, or teach us how to ride those 'massive' bikes.

Just ask Rob Kenney. He's taken to the YouTube world to do just that - and people can't get enough of it.

Bored Panda

Titled 'Dad, how do I?', Rob's handy videos advise users on subjects ranging from tying a tie to changing a tire. But it gets even better: the backstory behind our doting dad is even more uplifting than you would've ever imagined.

"I never wanted to be wealthy. I never wanted to be necessarily successful. My goal in life was to raise good adults - not good children but good adults - because I had a fractured childhood," Rob revealed.

Bored Panda

"I want it to be about everyday tasks, but I also would like to pass along some of the wisdom I've learned along the way to encourage people."

Safe to say, our inspiring wiz has done just that.