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Married Man Wants to Also Marry His Two Girlfriends

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Marco Silva married the woman of his dreams. But when he met two other women that made him feel alive, he knew he had to find a way to share himself with all of them. Thus, they all embarked on a unique journey to test the power of love.

Meet Marco

This is Marco Santo Silva, a 35-year old who hails from Portugal. His day-to-day soon became boring, leading him to make the move and settle down in Cologne, Germany. Little did he know, this is where his life would quickly turned into the adventure of a lifetime.

poly couple poly couple
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Before he knew what was happening, Marco met an incredible woman who made him feel all kinds of butterflies. He thought she was gorgeous, smart, and had a lovely name. Silva knew he was falling in love; he thought she could even be 'the one,' but did she feel the same?

Introducing Daniela

The answer was yes! This is Daniela, the woman of Marco's dreams. She is the same age as Silva, and as he put it, she has a huge heart of gold, one big enough to share with her family and Marco. And someday, she dreamed of sharing it with children as well...

Daniela Silva Marriage LoveDaniela Silva Marriage Love
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As the couple grew to become more serious, talk of taking their relationship to the next level started swirling. But, what would that mean? Would they move in together? Get married? Well, the events that happened next certainly helped Daniela open her heart to people outside of her inner circle...

They Got Married

Daniela and her then-boyfriend fell so head over heels for each other that before she knew it, Marco proposed! And, soon after, in 2012, they got married! The Silvas were overwhelmingly happy and wanted to begin growing their family as soon as possible.

Marco Daniela Open MarriageMarco Daniela Open Marriage
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The pair had so much love to give that Marco suggested a way to share it with more people outside of the new family unit they created. And, to his surprise, Daniela was on board and even excited about the idea! But, what exactly was it? Well...Marco started thinking out of the box a bit...

He Suggested An Open Marriage

Marco's idea was to try out an open marriage with his new wife. And, the idea didn't scare her away at all. Instead, she was actually pretty into it! They had grown so close and formed a relationship built on such trust that they both agreed to enter into an open marriage.

Open Marriage Daniela MarcoOpen Marriage Daniela Marco
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But this was all a pretty fast whirlwind. So Marco cleared things up for family members and friends who needed some more details. "I have been living in an open marriage with my wife Daniela since 2012," he explained. Soon, his life would be broadcasted a bit further than family gatherings.

Launched YouTube Channel

Silva started his own YouTube channel, TutopolisTV, just before New Year's rang in 2013. He used it to bring attention to his skillful abilities to fix and inform about electronics. But in no time, he gained many subscribers, and it turned into an influencer platform.

true story open marriage true story open marriage
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According to Marco, his channel includes "The best tips and tricks for smartphone repairs, Technology Reviews & Longboard videos." And, he must have done something right because his platform has since grown to reach 951K subscribers and over 188B views! But, YouTube wasn't the only thing growing in Silva's life.

Their First Child

His wife's belly was too! That's right, under two years into their marriage, Daniela was already pregnant with the couple's first child. So, they began to arrange for a nursery, talk about baby names, and discuss how an open marriage would work with a child in the picture.

Santos Silva First BabySantos Silva First Baby
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By 2014, they had figured out a plan that worked for them, just in time for their little bundle of joy to arrive healthy and happy. The adorable Celina Santos Silva was brought into the world by two loving people ready to raise her with their best intentions.

The Silva's Fur Babies

And, after a few years passed, to accompany the little girl, Daniela and Marco thought it would be fun for Celina to grow up alongside some fur babies! So, they got not just one, but eventually two little fluffballs for her to play with and befriend. But wait, that's not all.

Growing Family Marco SilvaGrowing Family Marco Silva
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Marco had a love for animals that ran deeper than dogs and cats. So, the family eventually welcomed two ferrets into their home as well! With 7 mouths to feed (three of them being human,) the family was growing fast. But soon, they would have an 8th!

Pregnant with Number 2

In what felt like no time, Daniela excitedly told Marco that she was pregnant again! And the first-time dad was so excited to be having a second child that, in excitement, he tapped into his more artistic side. No, he didn't build a new piece of technology. Instead, he reached for the paintbrush.

Open Marriage Santos SilvaOpen Marriage Santos Silva
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Marco thought it would be fun to paint Daniela's growing tummy as a fun couple's activity. "Today, we painted my wife's pregnancy belly!" he posted on Instagram. Silva replicated the wrapping of a Kinder egg on his wife's stomach, which seemed pretty fitting with a little human growing in there!

Mother's Day Celebrations

Months passed, and the time came to celebrate Mother's Day. It was a beautiful May in 2017, full of sunshine and a loving family of 3 with a 4th on the way. The Silva's documented their day in a vlog-style video later posted to Marco's YouTube channel...

Open Marriage Mother's DayOpen Marriage Mother's Day
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And, in the vlog was a very special teaser clip that we're sure the family was thankful to have caught on camera! Less than two weeks after Mother's Day, the Silva's headed to the hospital for the big moment: Bringing their second child into the world!

A Second Child

"Thank you for the many congratulations, meant a lot to us," Marco posted on his social media in response to the outpour of love his followers gave towards his new family of 4! Daniela gave birth to a second baby girl, which they named Lia Luana Santos Silva.

Santos Silva Family ChildSantos Silva Family Child
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The second-time parents couldn't have been happier. With Daniela recovering quickly, the family was complete...for now. The years passed by, and their kids began to grow up. Soon, the Silva's would gain more members...but...not necessarily newborns or pets.

Enter Jessica

Because Daniela and Marco had agreed to have an open marriage, a couple of years after Lia was born, he went out to a party with some friends. Now, it's not that Marco was necessarily looking to find someone to act on his open marriage with; however, there was a woman who happened to catch his eye.

Polygamy Jessica Marco SilvaPolygamy Jessica Marco Silva
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That woman was Jessica. A 34-year-old German-native who had a smile that Marco couldn't resist. So, they got talking at the party, and he learned a lot about her! She worked as an office clerk and even had a daughter too. They showed each other pictures of their kids and eventually traded numbers as well.

Adding Kamila to the Mix

Not too long after that, Marco was out at a different party, and there, he met a second woman named Kamila. They got to chatting, and Silva learned a lot about her too. She's 35-years-old, from Poland, and works as a retail assistant. Again, he was captured by her beauty and asked for Kami's phone number.

Kamila Marco Polyamorous RelationshipKamila Marco Polyamorous Relationship
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But, now Marco was juggling a wife, kids, and two new women, all of which he wanted to give equal attention to. "I met Jessica and Kamila at different parties...then I introduced them to one another shortly after," Silva explained on social media. His solution? To introduce the two women and ask about a possible relationship.

A Polyamorous Relationship

To his surprise, Kamila and Jessica weren't opposed to trying out a relationship altogether. "We harmonized straight away and knew that we had a special connection. Since then, we have been in a three-person relationship," explained Marco. Again, he realized this was something unique...

Polyamorous Relationship Marco SilvaPolyamorous Relationship Marco Silva
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In no time, feelings blossomed. "We are three people who support and love each other in everyday life," Silva said. And the best part? Daniela was completely on board with her husband and father of her children, entering into a relationship with not just one but two women. So, who are Kami and Jessi anyway?

They Share Marco

In several social media posts on the joint account that the threesome created, @JeKaMa2021 on Instagram, it was explained that Kamila and Jessica are not romantically involved with each other, but instead, are good friends and enjoy spending time together. And, when it comes to Marco, they share.

Polyamorous Relationship couple Polyamorous Relationship couple
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The group has what they refer to as a "V" poly relationship. Both Kami and Jessi are romantically involved with Marco but do not act the same way with each other. "I have a love affair with Kami and a love affair with Jessi, and Kami and Jessi are not lesbians but friends," Marco explained on Instagram.

What is Polygamy?

But, what did polygamy mean for them? Well, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, polygamy is "Marriage in which a spouse of either sex may have more than one mate at the same time." This is the official name of the type of relationship Marco and Daniela have, which is different than polyamory.

Polygamy Polyamory Multiple Relationship Polygamy Polyamory Multiple Relationship
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Polyamory is the relationship Kami and Jessi have, which is "The state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time," according to Merriam-Webster. This means that their relationship can be built on love but not necessarily involve anything sexual in nature.

"We Are JeKaMa"

While some may have found this hard to understand, for the quadruple at hand, it was simple. Kamila and Jessi are each only romantically involved with Marco, not with each other. And, for the threesome, this is the best of all worlds. "For us, our relationship isn't too different from any other..."

Threesome Relationship Open MarriageThreesome Relationship Open Marriage
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"...It's like a monogamous relationship only with three people," Marco explained. And, since creating a social media platform to share their experiences, they've come up with a catchy name for themselves. "Together we are JeKaMa, a perfect trio," they posted to their joint account.  

A Deep-Seeded Love

Marco, Jessica, and Kamila have the guidebook down pat when it comes to a loving relationship based on trust, care, compassion, and freedom of expression. Not only do they enjoy spending time all together, but they use the time to better themselves individually and as a unit.

Two Girlfriends Marco SilvaTwo Girlfriends Marco Silva
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From working out to cooking meals, these three are learning how to be a functioning team. And, from the sound of it, they're having a great time! "Our love is definitely deeper than just 'experimenting,' and we have solid foundations on which our relationship is built," they explained on social media.

Raising Children in a Poly Family

So, with the group relationship's dynamics figured out, where did that leave Marco and his wife Daniela in terms of their family? "Our children are also brought up openly and get on with all partners," the parents explained. "As with everything in life, there are proponents and people who do not accept other lifestyles..."

Polyamorous Family Open MarriagePolyamorous Family Open Marriage
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Raising their children with open hearts and minds, the Silva's have encountered people who disagree with their lifestyle choices. However, the family chooses to let the negativity wash away and instead focus on their happiness. This means extra faces around the table to help celebrate birthdays, holidays, and more!

Making Special Memories

Even though Marco has 5 special women in his life, he makes it his top priority to ensure that they feel the love. From date nights with Daniela to evenings out with Kamila and Jessica, the man stays busy. But, the two gals who melt his heart the most are his daughters Celina and Lia.

Raising Children Poly FamilyRaising Children Poly Family
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Silva makes sure that both of his little girls get his attention as much as possible. From playing dress-up to adventures in the park, Marco's top priority is being a good father. So, that means extravagant Halloween costumes, Disney princess movie marathons, and anything else they ask for!

Splitting Time Between the Women

In terms of family, Marco spends his time alternating between his relationships, the first being Daniela and their 2 daughters, and the other being his poly relationship with Kami and Jessi. So, Silva splits his time between his home with his wife and children and the one he shares with his girlfriends.

Dividing Time Open MarriageDividing Time Open Marriage
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Many might be thinking, what about jealousy? Well, according to everyone involved in these intertwining lives, "In previous relationships, jealousy broke everything, but in our relationship[s] now, we don't get jealous at all." It seems these people have worked out something that works for them!

They Have Their Families Support

Thankfully, the trio's families and Daniela's are in full support of their decision to prioritize love over convention. In fact, on their shared Instagram account, JeKaMa posted, "We do a lot of things as a threesome, but there is also togetherness. Fortunately for us, our families stand united behind us and what we do."

Family Support Polyamorous RelationshipFamily Support Polyamorous Relationship
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And, on top of that, Daniela's family is in full support too! In fact, they have been since the pair got married back in 2012 and ultimately decided to enter into an open union. So it's with this abundance of love and support that having this big group of people works so well for them. But everyone else isn't always so supportive...

Judgment and Worries

"The biggest and only criticism is that people fear that our children will be bullied in school, but we raise them to be confident and open people," Daniela and Marco explained. The family have found that their motto of being understanding and approaching situations with love and care seems to work well for them.  

Online Negativity Open MarriageOnline Negativity Open Marriage
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The parents continued explaining, "In the event of differences of opinion, we sit down together and always find solutions." And, on top of this, the young girls have two other women that are equipped to offer love and attention to them as they grow up as well!

Societal Reactions

When it comes to Marco, Jessica, and Kamila's relationship, they sometimes get odd looks when out in public. "When we're out together, people turn around, women often look scared, and men look jealous," they explained. And, for everyone's best interest, the threesome welcomes all questions in hopes of being able to educate.  

Cyberbullying Open Marriage Polyamory Cyberbullying Open Marriage Polyamory
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Marco explained more, "Men often ask us how best to communicate their desire for a similar relationship to ours without their wives leaving them." So, the trio takes the opportunity to share their experiences in hopes of helping other people who are interested in a poly lifestyle explore what that means.

They Dished on YouTube

They eventually had so many questions coming in on social media that Marco, Jessi, and Kamila decided to record and post a YouTube video to Silva's channel explaining more about the ways their relationship functions. And, the video, posted in early June 2021, has already gained over 45,895 views and counting!  

Marco Silva YouTube ChannelMarco Silva YouTube Channel
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In response to their in-depth and honest sharing, comments came rushing in. "Congratulations, you don't live badly," "You can see that they are happy, and that is the main thing," "I think it's cool that you deal with [things] so long as you're happy, it's best for everyone," YouTubers commented.

Harsh External Opinions

But not everyone is always so supportive. Some have targeted Marco by calling him a playboy. And others have come at Kamila and Jessica by commenting the likes of, "He works, and you spend the money." While neither of these things are true, the trio replied with full hearts.

Outside Opinions Online HateOutside Opinions Online Hate
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"Love is infinite. It is not limited to one person. We love our parents, our children, or our best friend. Every love is unique and special," they said. Despite what some may say online, the throuple doesn't let any negativity get them down. In fact, their positive attitudes in the face of negativity have helped them tenfold!

Gained Widespread Respect

Like the many people who feel brave enough to ask Marco, Jessica, Kamila, or Daniela questions about their relationships, even more, have asked and shared online. In fact, many say they have "Mad respect" for Marco for "Going public" with all of his relationships. But, the fact of the matter is, he's just being himself!

Online Support Open MarriageOnline Support Open Marriage
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Subscribers to Silva's YouTube channel have left an abundance of comments praising him for speaking so openly about his poly relationships. This is likely because those kinds of unions are illegal in many states in the U.S. and countries around the world. But, why not live life on the edge, right?

Keeping Life Exciting

Having to juggle two family units might seem like too much for many, but for these people, it's just enough! With Jessi and Kami having extra hands to help out with the two little ones, who have since grown to be 4 and 7 years old, these relationships are probably seen by the members as a blessing in disguise!

Polyamorous Lifestyle Choice MarriagePolyamorous Lifestyle Choice Marriage
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Even though this might be an unconventional gathering of people to the naked eye, upon deeper inspection, it seems that all these people have is an abundance of love for each other! And, as an exciting addition, they are already planning for their future together!

Plans For Their Futures

Both Jessica and Kamila want to someday have children with Marco, after getting married, of course! As Marco explained on Instagram, "The next step is to move in together soon, have children and a symbolic wedding for the three of us." This means Silva hopes to have 3 wives soon.

Future Plans Open MarriageFuture Plans Open Marriage
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Again, these kinds of relationships wouldn't be possible without the commitment to care, love, and protection for and of each other that Kamila, Marco, Jessica, and even Daniela have agreed to. With Mr. and Mrs. Silva abundantly confident in their relationship, we have a feeling more wedding bells are in their futures!

Where are They Now?

As Celina and Lia continue to grow up, it's clear that they have an abundant support system that will help guide and teach them. When the time comes for them to start asking questions about life and love, we can imagine that both of their parents and Jessi and Kami will jump at the chance to help.

Polyamorous Family Raising ChildrenPolyamorous Family Raising Children
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Of course, they are still young kids, so this might not be for some time. But, according to the way things are going in these relationships, we can tell that when the opportunity arises, the girls will never be left unanswered. So, what's next for this throuple and couple?

What's To Come?

Well, as the Silvas strengthen their marriage and Marco plans for a joint union between himself, Jessica, and Kamila, we can guess that the big family unit will continue to support each other through any and all bumps that might arise during their journeys.

Open Marriage Polyamorous RelationshipOpen Marriage Polyamorous Relationship
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And, no matter what goes down, you can count on us to update you as their love-filled story continued to unfold. These people have certainly shown us that special emotion can conquer many obstacles. So, until next time, we'll leave you with this: Love is love and should be celebrated to the nth degree!