Who Is Mariah Malibu? Trust Fund Girl Learns the Price of Fame Is Too High

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Mariah Malibu had her heart set on being the next big star. However, when it didn't happen for her as easily as she'd hoped, she had to explore some other options. But how far was she willing to go, just to get to the top? The answer may shock you.

Living the Hollywood Lifestyle

Mariah Malibu led the kind of lifestyle that many girls could only dream of. Born into wealth, Mariah's days were filled with shopping sprees on Rodeo Dr. and having her glam squad make sure she always looked camera-ready. When she's wasn't racking up a bill, she was working towards her goal of becoming a public figure.


However, with all the glitz and glam, Mariah found herself living an incredibly lonely life. Her friendships were slowly falling apart, and she couldn't seem to find a healthy balance between her social life and career. Mariah decided to turn to the one person she knew that would be brave enough to tell her the truth.

She Turned to Dr.Phil

Where's the one place in the world you can go to get advice for your problems while scoring a little bit of publicity at the same time? You guessed it: Dr. Phil. Whilst some teenagers might turn to a family therapist or life coach, Hollywood's natives sometimes like to seek help from the infamous talk-show host.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Over the years, the stories on Dr. Phil's show seem to have gotten crazier and crazier. This has often led his audience to wonder if these patients are genuinely in need of help, or actors looking for fame. His recent encounter with Mariah Malibu further suggested that the show might not be all it seems to be.

First Impressions

Mariah introduced herself by claiming that she's "Hollywood's new princess," and that her main goal in life is to become "The most famous person in the world." Dressed in a fluffy pink coat, Mariah confidently announced that she was Beverly Hills royalty.

Dr. Phil

She boasted about the amount of cash she blows on her shopping sprees, saying, "I spend around $10,000 to $15,000 a week on purses, handbags, and accessories." After going on about her luxuries, she then revealed that she does, in fact, work very hard.

On the Grind

Mariah explained that although people may think she doesn't work hard, she said that she "got a Bachelor's degree in literally two and a half years because [she] worked [her] butt off trying to get [her] degree super fast, so that [she] could progress [her] career."


Mariah also claimed that she has a Masters in Fashion Marketing. She had her heart set on changing the fashion industry with the color pink, while dreaming about founding her own store on Rodeo Dr. In fact, the socialite wanted to follow in the footsteps of her two idols.

Paris Hilton & Anna Wintour

Mariah has always looked up to Paris Hilton and Anna Wintour. "I love them because I think they're strong women," she said. "They have a brand identity, and they know how to make successful businesses, I admire that." To Mariah, success has always been the top priority.

Got Celeb

She wanted her fashion line to be designed for girls who, like Mariah, loved to shop and loved pink. She had hoped that her range would be a brand of glamour and feminine beauty. According to Malibu, these big goals and dreams were the reason why her friends were so threatened by her.

Losing Her Friends

One of the main issues that Mariah wanted to discuss with Dr. Phil was her social life. Although she had everything money could buy, Mariah knew she wasn't as abundant in the friend's department. "I can sometimes lash out," she said. But Malibu believed her friends were simply jealous of her.


"They see my success, they see my goals and my dreams," said Mariah. "Ever since I was little, I've had really big goals and really big dreams. I've been singing, acting, I've loved fashion forever. So I think they see that and they've seen my talent, and they want something from me or they're jealous of something I have."

She Cut up Her Friend's Shirt

One of Malibu's long-time friends, Mia Alicia, revealed that Mariah actually has quite a temper. Mia believed that Mariah, herself, had more to do with her lack of friends than she realized. "At first, I thought she was really sweet and nice," said Mia. "Until I realized how competitive she is towards others."

Dr. Phil

Things took an even juicier turn when Mia told a story that Mariah probably did not want to be told to the world. Apparently, Mariah had cut up her friend's favorite shirt when she wore the same thing as her. "We have a rule that she can't wear the same things as me," Mariah concluded.

Money vs. Friends

Mia also explained that Mariah can be very snobby about her expensive things. "She thinks she's better than everybody else, and she's so controlling," said Mia. She was also concerned that Mariah cared more about money than she did her relationships. However, Mariah saw this as more of a strength.


"My mantra is: Make money, not friends," said Mariah. From her past experiences, she learned that building success was more valuable to her than building relationships. However, Mia feared that Mariah would one day find herself "all alone at the top."

All Bark and No Bite

If there's anybody that knows how to push people's buttons, it's Dr. Phil, and he wasn't buying anything Mariah was saying. After a few bombarding questions, Mariah admitted to being a little more insecure than she let on. Unfortunately, this often interfered with her goal of becoming a blogger.

Dr. Phil

Speaking about her social media accounts, Mariah said, "I post only a couple of things, and then I take them down, just because I get a little insecure about my pictures." Sure enough, her Instagram handle had about 14 pictures - but we soon found out that it may not have anything to do with her being 'insecure.'

Do the Math

Now, this is where things got a little bit messy. Although Mariah claimed to be very successful, her primary source of income was the trust fund her parents had set up for her. She told Dr. Phil that she has about $1 million in her account, and is reloaded every month with $200,000.


Of course, Dr. Phil had to call her out on her lousy mathematics, and Mariah didn't take that so well. As the audience laughed, she was clearly holding back tears. "I would like not to speak on this since you're making fun of me," she said with a cracking voice.

She Was Humiliated

Mariah was clearly embarrassed when Dr. Phil called her out. Having an audience who laughed in her face was not something she ever expected. As the show progressed and more secrets came out, Mariah slowly began to realize that Dr. Phil wasn't planning on showing her any mercy.


Mariah's facial expressions suggested that she was somewhat offended by the advice Dr. Phil gave. However, the anger seemingly inspired her to get over her social media insecurities. You see, as Dr. Phil pushed her buttons, Mariah soon turned to her Youtube channel to let the world know exactly how she felt, and it wasn't pretty.

The Princess of Hollywood

After Mariah told Dr. Phil that he should feel "very honored" to have interviewed her, he carried on hosting other controversial guests. However, Mariah was clearly still aggravated by the way things had gone on his show. Whether this was "part of her act" or not, Mariah spilled some juicy beans.


She took to her YouTube channel to share her side of the story about what really happened. Tired of the rumors and shaming on social media, she posted a video speaking her truth. However, Mariah may have forgotten to cover up some of her tracks.

Dirty Laundry

Once you step into the public eye, almost nothing stays a secret, which explains how many of Dr. Phil's viewers were able to do some digging on Mariah's past. Like she'd said on the show, she didn't post often, so her Instagram only had a handful of images. This only made her following even more curious.


Was Mariah Malibu living the lavish lifestyle she so confidentially portrayed? Was that even her real name? Was she really mad at Dr. Phil, or was she the one bending the truth? Her YouTube posts left her followers questioning just about everything that was said.

They Asked Her to Lie on the Show

"I was telling the truth about everything," Mariah said. "The Dr. Phil producers tried to come at me, and tried to get me to lie about who I am." According to Mariah, she claims that she was the one who fought to be truthful, as she only wanted to be authentic.


Mariah also said that one of the producers allegedly followed her into the dressing room, trying to convince her to 'drop the act.' Apparently, the producer thought that Mariah was putting on a show. "I was being honest the entire time," she protested.

Cash Me Outside

Mariah also claimed that most of the guests on Dr. Phil had lied about their lives completely. Including the likes of Bhad Bhabie, who gained stardom after being on the show. "She auto-tunes all her music," said Mariah. "I have talent, and I can actually sing, no auto-tune needed."

Page Six

She also claimed that the infamous fight Bhad Bhabie had outside the Dr. Phil set, was all fake. "She staged the fight in front of the studio just for clout," Mariah said. She also claimed that Danielle and her mother only went on the show because they were "desperate for money."

Her Bestie

Mariah also posted a video with her best friend, Christian Aaron. The two of them appear to be really close, despite the fact that Mariah openly gossips about him on social media. He was also on Dr. Phil and seems to be Mariah's go-to for just about everything.


Christian often poses next to his bestie and defended her honor in a vlog slamming Mariah's trust fund. After Dr. Phil embarrassed her for her bad math, she and Christian went into a detailed rant explaining how her fund works. "Dr. Phil doesn't really know what he's talking about," Christian said.

Setting the Record Straight

"Dr. Phil had an agenda and tried to make me look stupid on camera," Mariah said. "At the time, I was not aware of how much money was coming in from my trust fund. Just because I don't really care, as long as its coming in, and my bank account is full."


Christian then argued that Dr. Phil humiliated Mariah simply because she said that she gets $200,000 every month from a million-dollar trust fund. He further explained that Mariah gets her money in stages, and she hadn't understood that at the time."If she had gotten it all at once, it would have been spent already on trips to Cabo every weekend."

Two Sides

Mariah's friend Mia, who joined her on the show, is one of the few people @mariahmalibuplease follows on Instagram. Apparently, they used to be a lot closer before the show came on. Mia's profile also features some snap of Mariah, but she wasn't receiving nearly as much attention as she is now.


Since Mariah's profile has so few pictures, her fans wondered if she could be hiding a private account. But they never found anything. This led them to wonder if Mariah wasn't as shy about her photos as she made it out to be. They also noticed a rather strange coincidence between Mariah and Mia's profiles.

Raising Eyebrows

Both socialites only seemed to start posting on their active Instagram accounts around the same time that Mariah's Dr. Phil episode was filmed. Christian Aaron seemed to be the only one who was posting pictures of his lavish lifestyle long before they came into the public eye.


Although this looks favorable on Christain's side, he might be just as much a part of the charade as Mariah and Mia. After the three bloggers were on the show, they joined the team of a clothing brand together, run by public figure Nicholas Tetreault.

Banned from Gucci

Mariah and Aaron also posted a vlog where they proudly described why Mariah got "banned from Gucci." They vlogged about how they went to the store for a specific purse, but it wasn't in stock. "The first mistake on their part was not bringing us our Evian water," Christian said.


When the store attendant explained that they didn't have the "Purple Marmont purse," Mariah and Aaron allegedly proceeded to threaten her job. "I was like, 'Do you want to keep your job? Do you want to keep your house? Do you want to keep your lights on?'" said Aaron. As a result, both of them were kicked out.

The Life of her Dreams

In Mariah's opinion, she's finally made it to the top. This was all she ever wanted, and she's found the stardom she's been so desperately trying to find. She even posted another vlog, along with Aaron, teaching her 700 followers how to "stay rich and hot while being in Quarantine."


The video begins with them pretending to be in a crowd of flashing cameras when it's clearly just lamps being switched on and off. The two of them then did a makeup tutorial and signed off with an encouraging message, telling their fans to "stop being poor."

Expensive Toilet Paper

Mariah is not afraid to let her YouTube channel know that she's got it all. In one of her vlogs, labeled "I'm rich, and you're poor," Mariah openly shamed one of her friends by the name of Keren. Apparently, she 'deserved' it for not having the same expensive toilet paper as Mariah.


"I'm rich, and you're poor," said Mariah. "My family has a factory in France that hand-delivers me toilet paper. I'm sorry, Keren, that your toilet paper sold out. Sucks to be you." One of the comments on the video read: "Sorry I ain't jealous of a spoiled brat, you don't just go and tell people they're poor that's just rude.

None of his Business

Mariah has expressed a few times that she doesn't understand why people get offended by the way that she talks about her money. However, when she and Christian vented about her Dr. Phil episode, she explicitly said: "It's rude to ask about money, it's none of his business."

Monsters and Critics

The quest for fame has proven to be something that people will do just about anything to achieve. So, after all these events, fans have wondered if Mariah is, in fact, all she makes out to be? Are the guests on Dr. Phil in as much need of help as they seem? We'll let you decide.