Dad Installs Strobe Light In Gamer Son's Room To Let him Know when Dinner's Ready


| LAST UPDATE 12/05/2021

By Scarlett Adler
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If you're a parent to a son, then you know the struggle that comes with trying to pull them away from their video games. 59-Year-old Patrick Curran grew tired of having to scream for Jason every time dinner was ready. So, to end the screaming match once and for all, he came up with a pretty snazzy invention to get his son's attention.

Patrick decided to install a strobe light that would notify Jason whenever dinner was ready. "I got the idea to install the light as I was sick of calling Jason down the stairs as he would not hear me with his headphones on. It took about a half-hour to install," said Patrick. "It has been very effective, he comes down the stairs the minute I turn it on - the only problem is after dinner he usually comes back down the stairs to tell me to turn it off as I forget."

Lad Bible

Cooking is not exactly Patrick's biggest strength. However, After his wife sadly passed away, it was up to him to make the food. Usually, he and Jason would indulge in some good takeout, but since the lockdown, they've had to get creative in the kitchen. So far, it seems to be going well. Patrick said, "I think when lockdown is over I'll keep the cooking up and only get takeaways now and again, as I'm in a new routine now and it's better for us...

...I guess it's a positive thing that has come from all this."