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Mother Confirms Suspicions about Daughter's Husband After Discovering an Old Picture


| LAST UPDATE 03/06/2022

By Scarlett Adler

"I was screaming, it was just unreal,” Kay revealed of the moment she unearthed a decades-long secret, exposing the man she thought was her daughter's college sweetheart in the process. Here's her story…

Meet Heidi

Before we walk you through the jaw-dropping discovery, let's start at the very beginning: The day one Sheffield native jetted off, 130 miles from home - a moment that'd change her life forever, she just didn't know it yet.

Heidi Alice, ScandalHeidi Alice, Scandal
Instagram via @heidialice

Meet Heidi Parker, otherwise known as 1/2 of the faces behind our shocking reveal. Back in 2011, long before her life would be taken for a spin, the Economics student found herself in Newcastle, but she wasn't the only one...

Meet Ed

You see, while the eager student was busy navigating her way through Newcastle University, so was a different face - one she'd soon come to know, very well. Folks, meet Ed Savitt, otherwise known as the second piece to our mysterious puzzle. What was he up to?

Ed Savitt, StudentEd Savitt, Student
Instagram via @heidialice

For starters, he'd just swapped London's vibrant lights for Newcastle's, as the city boy's reality had him studying Psychology and Business at the established university. Little did either student know their lives would never be the same, in more ways than one.

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Moving Out

As fate would have it, it was only a matter of time before their lives would cross paths, but not before Heidi took a leap of faith as she moved out of student housing, eager to start fresh on her own. Sure, she'd be saying goodbye to one chapter, but with that came an entirely new one.

Heidi Alice, DoorHeidi Alice, Door
Instagram via @heidialice

A chapter that'd present her with a whole lot more than she'd bargained for - no, not only when it came to her new studio apartment; We're talking about the moment Heidi finally closed the doors on her former flat, opening an entirely new one in the process, as she handed the keys over to the next tenant.

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Ed Moved into Her Apartment

It all happened so fast: The polite greeting, the quick debriefing of the place she once called home, but Heidi's little exchange with her old apartment's new tenant would hold more meaning than she could've ever imagined. Any guesses who the mysterious new renter was?

Ed Savitt, HomeEd Savitt, Home
Instagram via @heidialice

Of course, it was Ed - the very same guy she'd soon spend the rest of her life with, and she actually had her retired apartment to thank for that. In fact, in only a matter of time, as she continued to settle into her new home, her old one would call her back, with problems only she could answer, as she'd soon find out.

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The Moment Ed Reached Out For Help

"He had found a piece of post with my name on it, realized I had lived there the year before, and decided that I could help," Heidi revealed to LAD Bible of the Facebook notification that soon hijacked her computer. What did the message read, exactly?

Ed Savitt, TenantEd Savitt, Tenant
Instagram via @heidialice

The washing machine in her old apartment wasn't working - or at least, if you asked Ed, it wasn't, as he reached out to Heidi, desperate for some guidance. It should have been a simple exchange, right? Little did Heidi know what she was in for, as she made her way back to her old stomping grounds to help the tenant in need.

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It Was Love at First Sight

You see, fate had other plans for Heidi that day, as the door to her old home opened, revealing a man she could've sworn she'd met ages ago. There was a sense of familiarity with the charming blonde standing on the other side of that door, she simply couldn't explain it.

Ed Savitt, CollegeEd Savitt, College
Instagram via @heidialice

In fact, there were four simple words that could sum the entire moment right up for the smitten student: "It was love at first sight," Heidi gushed about the moment she first laid eyes on her future soulmate. Sure enough, their journey together was just getting started.

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Heidi Met Him Again

As the story goes, they'd go on to say bye after that fateful night inside the dorms; that was, until chance brought them back together shortly after, as the young students found themselves inside a local nightclub. It was almost surreal: The both of them being at the same place at the same exact time - Heidi knew it, too.

Heidi Savitt, Night outHeidi Savitt, Night out
Instagram via @heidisavitt

"We just spotted each other," she recalled to LAD Bible of the moment she laid eyes on the "gorgeous" man standing across the room. "I thought he was actually amazing." Perhaps that's why it was only a matter of time before she found herself heading in his direction, as she approached him, refusing to let the moment pass by.

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He Finally Asked Her Out

As for the feelings from Ed's side? He was just as smitten, amazed by the bold brunette who'd just come over to say hello that fateful night inside the club. They had hit it off - instantly - and it was only a matter of time before our charmed Psych student asked Heidi out on a proper date.

Ed Savitt, DateEd Savitt, Date
Instagram via @heidisavitt

Sure, it was a simple Italian dinner, as the two met up at Newcastle's Pizza Express shortly after - but it didn't matter. You see, from the moment they sat down inside the quaint eatery, what sat on the plate before them meant absolutely nothing. All they wanted was to know more about one another.

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They Became Inseparable

Safe to say, the events that followed were nothing neither Heidi nor Ed could've ever predicted, but nonetheless, were welcomed with open arms. The unlikely lovebirds had become inseparable, eager to spend every waking second together from that moment forward - and they would.

Ed Savitt, Heidi Savitt, VacationEd Savitt, Heidi Savitt, Vacation
Instagram via @heidialice

From weekend adventures to study sessions, the Newcastle students would spend the rest of those 4 years behind a desk by each other's side. But with that came a daunting realization, one the college sweethearts would soon be forced to face, one way or another.

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Preparing For Their Next Chapter

You see, the very same place that had once brought the two together was soon going to force them apart, as college graduation began nearing in on them, day by day. Where would that leave the lovebirds? With Heidi, an Economics major, and Ed, a Psychology student, where would that take them after they said bye to Newcastle?

Ed Savitt, Heidi Savitt, CollegeEd Savitt, Heidi Savitt, College
Instagram via @heidialice

Would Heidi and Ed make it in the real world, beyond the fairytale backdrop their college campus had given them? Sure enough, as the graduates finally said goodbye to life behind a desk, their realities placed them in London. But with that, soon came their decision to take a leap of faith.

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They Moved In Together

What comes next when you want to spend every waking second with your significant other? Moving in together, of course; And for a lovestruck Heidi and Ed, that's exactly what they did, a few years later, as they ditched their London bachelor pads in the name of love.

Ed Savitt, Heidi Savitt, DatingEd Savitt, Heidi Savitt, Dating
Instagram via @heidialice

"We moved in together, buying a flat in Wandsworth," Heidi explained to LAD Bible of the exciting events that soon followed their college graduation. It was obvious, their love was growing stronger day by day, but it was only a matter of time before their devotion would truly be put to the test.

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Popping the Question

Of course, we're talking about the moment Ed got down on one knee, with four words on his mind, that he simply couldn't blurt out fast enough: Will you marry me? Little did he know, from the moment Heidi had first laid eyes on him, back at Newcastle, her mind had already been made up.

Ed Savitt, Heidi Savitt, EngagedEd Savitt, Heidi Savitt, Engaged
Facebook via Ed Savitt

"Yes!" Heidi smiled, as she embraced her new fiancee - and the stunning 3-stone engagement ring that now graced her fourth finger. It was the perfect ending to the college sweethearts' years-long love story - only it was just getting started, as they'd soon come to find out.

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Dinner With the Parents

As the story goes, with a stunning diamond ring and 4 amazing years under their belts, Heidi and Ed's next chapter brought them to Wagamamas - a cozy Asian eatery nestled in South-West London, where they'd finally break the exciting news to their parents that wedding bells were, indeed, in the near future.

Ed Savitt, Heidi Savitt, DinnerEd Savitt, Heidi Savitt, Dinner
Instagram via @heidialice

Little did the couple know, that they were in for a real treat - and we're not only talking about the contents that were about to fill their hungry stomachs. You see, as Heidi and Ed sat down alongside mothers Katherine Parker and Fiona Savitt, respectively, they, too, were about to be met with a revelation.

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Heidi's Mom Had a Revelation

What happened? Well, exactly what you'd expect to happen upon breaking the news of an engagement: The overjoyed parents began exchanging celebratory cheers, as they reminisced on their children's younger years and everything that led up to that very moment. But what did that consist of?

Kay Parker, Heidi Savitt, DinnerKay Parker, Heidi Savitt, Dinner
Instagram via @heidialice

The rehashing of failed romances, of course - or at least for Kay Parker, it did, as the amused mother began to reminisce about the very first time her little girl ever found love: Heidi was just 6-years-old, as she held hands with the little boy she'd just met on a family vacation to Turkey, back in 1997.

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Kay's Discovery in the Attic

It was adorable, to say the least, but that's all it was, right? An endearing little love story that ended the moment the Parker family got on that plane and touched down, back home in England; Sure enough, there was a whole lot more to her story. Kay simply didn't know it yet.

Attic, DiscoveryAttic, Discovery
Instagram via @Heidialice111

But in just 2 weeks, after the overjoyed mother said bye to her daughter and future son-in-law at Wagamamas, Kay'd find this out for herself, as she made her way up to her home's attic. It should've been a routine cleaning, perhaps dusting the floors or wiping down the windows, but what happened next in that attic was far from ordinary.

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She Discovered a Photo Album

Well, what happened? There it was, nestled in the corner: The dusty stack of photo-albums Kay couldn't even remember the last time she'd opened. Safe to say, all of that was about to change, as her curiosity got the best of her, and she made her way over to the attic's corner.

Photo album, AtticPhoto album, Attic
Instagram via @strangestcollectiveco

And just like that, she'd found it: "Turkey, July 1997," one of the wrinkled covers read. How odd that she'd just stumbled across that specific album? It had to be a sign, right? Sure enough, as Kay flipped open that book's first page, even she never could've predicted the discovery that awaited her.

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They Were Childhood Sweethearts

“I was screaming, it was just unreal,” Katherine Parker revealed to Mail Online of the events that followed: Sure enough, standing directly before her, alongside her 6-year-old daughter, stood her boyfriend, a mysterious blonde boy flashing a shy smile under his bowl cut. But he was no longer a mystery - she knew exactly who it was.

Ed Savitt, Heidi Savitt, PictureEd Savitt, Heidi Savitt, Picture
Screenshot-YouTube via Turkish Airlines

It was Ed Savitt, the very man her daughter had gone on to meet at university decades later for the 'first time' - or so she had thought. "When Kay sent me the photo… I shrieked. It was unbelievable," Fiona recalled of the moment Kay picked up the phone to share the big news. But how would Heidi take it?

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She Broke the News to Everybody

Sure enough, Kay's daughter was exactly as emotional as expected, and then some. "I couldn't believe it… we were all… stunned," a speechless Heidi recalled to LAD Bible. As a matter of fact, she was "so shocked, I actually had to lie down." This was groundbreaking, a 20-year-old mystery solved simply by chance.

Heidi Savitt, SurprisedHeidi Savitt, Surprised
Screenshot-YouTube via Turkish Airlines

But how would her long-long lover feel about it all? Would Ed be as shocked as his "stunned" fiancée was? Of course, it's no surprise that he "was amazed too… we couldn't believe it," as Heidi happily revealed. But with their shocking discovery soon came an even more shocking realization.

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Heidi Had No Memory of Him

After all of these years spent apart, Heidi was in love with the same blonde boy who once stood next to her in that very picture, but did she even remember any of it? Or perhaps, had her forgotten feelings simply been lingering on inside of her, this entire time?

Ed Savitt, MysteryEd Savitt, Mystery
Screenshot-YouTube via Turkish Airlines

The truth was that this was a 20-year-old+ mystery in question, and with that came a harsh yet expected reality: "I have no memory of meeting Ed as a child," a baffled Heidi revealed to LAD Bible. Of course, though, it was a remarkable story, which is why the lovebirds weren't done with it just yet.

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They Revealed the News in Their Wedding Invite

In fact, come 2017, as Heidi and Ed's summer wedding date continued to creep up on them, so did the whirlwind of responsibilities dumped onto their plate. But for the long-lost lovers, there was one task that suddenly came first on the list - before the cake, before the band, before, well, everything.

Wedding invitation, StoryWedding invitation, Story
Instagram via @heidialice

Sharing their remarkable journey with the rest of the world. And that's exactly what they did, as they mailed out their wedding invites to those near and dear. Only upon opening the envelopes, guests were greeted by their 6-year-old faces, as the story of the childhood sweethearts was written out before their very eyes.

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Their Siblings Also Knew Eachother

But now that their most treasured wedding preparation was out of the way, how about those they treasured the most? How would their in-laws - their siblings - get along once they finally came face to face on the big day? After all, it wasn't only Heidi and Ed whom their wedding would be bringing together.

Ed Savitt, Photo albumEd Savitt, Photo album
Screenshot-YouTube via Turkish Airlines

Sure enough, the lovebirds' siblings actually met ages ago - they just didn't know it yet. You see, as Kay put it, "It wasn't just Heidi and Ed who met on that holiday:" The Savitts, too, stumbled across their own vacation album, shortly after, featuring Ed's sister, Maddy, alongside Heidi, Olivia and Hannah. It was remarkable.

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The Memories Came Back to Heidi

Of course, with this incredible discovery soon came an overflow of emotions. But with that, too, came an outpour of new memories, etched deep in the back of Heidi's mind. Sure, the once lovestruck little girl might not have remembered the butterflies first given to her decades ago, but she now remembered when they happened.

Heidi Savitt, MemoriesHeidi Savitt, Memories
Screenshot-YouTube via Turkish Airlines

"I remember being in the [hotel's] kids club, that's where I must have met him," an emotional Heidi revealed to The Sun of the moment she truly, first laid eyes on her future soulmate. "[I set up] a nail varnish stall outside with my sisters... I actually think we painted Ed's nails."

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The Big Day

From holding hands on the Turkish sand to holding hands as they made their way down the aisle, Heidi and Ed's love story soon reached its latest - and perhaps most exciting - chapter, come August 26, 2017: The day they vowed their love in front of family and friends, to have and to hold, through thick and through thin.

Heidi Savitt, Ed Savitt, WeddingHeidi Savitt, Ed Savitt, Wedding
Instagram via @heidisavitt

But if you ask Heidi, it was a long time coming. In fact, from the moment their paths first intertwined on that Mediterranean coast back in 1997, the long-lost lovers were bound to be inseparable, literally. "[I] knew we were going to be together forever," the emotional bride revealed to Mail Online.

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Their Fairytale Honeymoon

Sure enough, after a dreamy nuptial affair at the historic Haddon Hall, nestled in the English countryside, Heidi and Ed's fairytale soon brought them halfway around the globe, as they set off on the latest adventure planned out for them: Their honeymoon.

Maldives, HoneymoonMaldives, Honeymoon
Instagram via @heidialice

As for where the newlywed's latest chapter brought them? The Indian Ocean, to the breathtaking islands of the Maldives, greeting them with turquoise waters and rainbow sunsets. It was truly a dream come true. But Heidi and Ed's fairytale wasn't over just yet.

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Going Back to Where it All Began

You see, in only a matter of time, the lovebirds would be presented with the offer of a lifetime. A chance to go back to the very spot where everything first started, reliving their fairytale story for the rest of our prying eyes; Any guesses where that could be?

Ed Savitt, FlightEd Savitt, Flight
Screenshot-YouTube via Turkish Airlines

Sure enough, come 2018, just one year after saying, "I do," Heidi and Ed Savitt packed up their bags, as they hopped on another plane. As they made their way to their all-expense-paid Business Class seats for their latest adventure across the globe, Heidi's 20-year-old butterflies were suddenly back and stronger than ever.

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Their Emotional Return to Turkey

"I think this is the most extraordinary journey of my life," a nervous Heidi revealed to the camera, as Turkish Airlines documented their trip across the world: They were headed to Bodrum, Turkey, the birthplace of their 20-year-old love story. Would the memories come flooding back? There was so much up in the air, literally.

Ed Savitt, TurkeyEd Savitt, Turkey
Screenshot-YouTube via Turkish Airlines

After about 3 seemingly endless hours onboard, Heidi and Ed unfastened their seatbelts as they fastened up for that which lay ahead. What were they going to be met with, the second time around? Sure enough, as they stepped off of that plane, it was suddenly like they'd just stepped back in time.

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It Felt Like They Were Back in 1997

"It was really exciting to go back to where the miracle began," Heidi revealed. As she and her husband made their way to the spot where they first met, all those years ago, it was suddenly as if everything had built up to that very moment. It was a 20-year-old chapter, finally meeting its perfect ending.

Ed Savitt, Heidi Savitt, BeachEd Savitt, Heidi Savitt, Beach
Screenshot-YouTube via Turkish Airlines

And in that split second, as Heidi and Ed stepped foot on that golden sand, it was suddenly as if time had frozen all around them. They were back in 1997, two smitten 6-year-olds whose paths had just propped them alongside one another. "It was brilliant."

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Where Are they Today

Of course, though, like all good love stories, this one eventually comes to an end, with Heidi and Ed's trip to Bodrum bringing the long-lost lovers full circle. It was the perfect ending to a perfect journey, taking over 2 decades to finally reach its destination. But where exactly do the childhood sweethearts stand today?

Ed Savitt, Heidi Savitt, FamilyEd Savitt, Heidi Savitt, Family
Instagram via @heidialice

Fast forward to now, and Heidi and Ed's reality has them living as a family of three, after welcoming baby boy, Blake Parker on November 23, 2020. But that's not all that's changed. Ed is now the proud owner of a coffee shop, DropShot Coffee, co-run by his devoted wife, Heidi - when the ex-ski racer isn't hitting the slopes, that is.

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"We're Clearly Destined to Be Together"

But while their decades-long fairytale might have reached its perfect ending, if you ask Ed, it'll never truly be over. In fact, every waking second is a dream come true for these two. "I'm not one who really believes in miracles," Ed explained to The Sun. "But the story, it changed my mind, it changed my beliefs, really." 

Heidi Savitt, Ed Savitt, MarriageHeidi Savitt, Ed Savitt, Marriage
Instagram via @heidialice

"It's crazy to think we could have got married, shared our lives together, but never found out about this," Heidi added to Mail Online. "I didn't believe in fate before finding that out, but there's no arguing with it: We're clearly destined to be together." 

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The Takeaway

Well, there you have it, folks. We've just walked you through Heidi and Ed's journey to falling in love at first sight... for a second time. A magical love story that truly stood the test of time. Which leads us to our last, and perhaps, most important question...

Childhood sweetheartsChildhood sweethearts
Screenshot- YouTube via Turkish Airlines

What do you think? "People keep telling us that it must be fate... that it's like the plot of a movie!" as Heidi once put it, but is that really so? Are you a skeptic like Ed once was? Or perhaps, are we looking at a miracle, a remarkable adventure, bound together by fate? We'll let you decide.

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