The Boy Who Lived on Mars Makes Chilling Prediction


| LAST UPDATE 03/07/2022

By Riley Hammond

Boris Kipriyanovich was never a typical child. Yet, even with all his peculiarity, no one ever expected him to claim to be from Mars. But then he made some predictions that were hard to refute…

The Boy from Mars

The protagonist of our story is young Boris Kipriyanovich, who was quite a unique child. And although he was born and raised in Russia, the kid seemed like he came from a whole other world - literally.

boris kipriyanovich martian boyboris kipriyanovich martian boy
Facebook via Boris Kipriyanovich Boriska

But before we start traveling through time and space, we have to introduce this special individual. Ever since he was young, people around him could tell he was different. His parents and grandparents, and even his teachers, knew this boy had something extraordinary about him.

A Unique Child

Like most other new mothers do, Boris's mom, Nadia, made sure she was absolutely ready to raise her son properly - there wasn't a book on child development she didn't read. And although her purpose was to ensure her son's development was like any typical child, the books instead revealed the opposite.

boris kipriyanovich mother uniqueboris kipriyanovich mother unique
YouTube via Project Camelot

One strange difference she noticed was how long it took for Boris to hold his own head up. Although Nadia had read that the average age babies do this is around 2-4 months, her own son actually accomplished it only two weeks after he was born! Buckle up, because we're just getting started.

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Special Abilities

Besides having advanced physical abilities, Boris's intellectual and emotional development also startled his parents. In fact, his mother shared that he began talking sooner than she'd expected...

boris kipriyanovich special abilitiesboris kipriyanovich special abilities
Facebook via Boriska Kipriyanovich

Her books had told her that most children begin speaking at one years old. But by then, Boris had spoken more than some adults do in a lifetime. And if that wasn't enough, the extraordinary child was learning to read at 18 months, when toddlers his age were still learning to turn sounds into words.

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A 2-Year-Old Kindergartener

The young child's abilities were truly astonishing to his parents and other adults around him. And although Nadia must have been proud of her son's unique abilities, she also began to question how to support his rapid development at such a young age.

boris martian boy kindergartenboris martian boy kindergarten
Facebook via Boriska Kipriyanovich-Boriska

But it turns out, the mother didn't have to worry much longer. A local kindergarten contacted her to offer Boris a place in one of their classes, even though he was still only two years old. He appeared to easily keep up with his classmates, and even shot to the top of his class in one particular subject...

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A Passion for Space

Little Boris easily excelled at the local kindergarten. He appeared to fascinate those around him with his advanced intelligence. But one subject in particular seemed to be his area of expertise: outer space. And although kindergarteners didn't focus a lot on astronomy, Boris knew a lot about the subject.

boris young space expertboris young space expert
YouTube via Speedy Facts

Boris' mother revealed how her son became quite knowledgeable about outer space. "From early childhood, we had a lot of books on astronomy," she explained in an interview. "When he was 3-4 years old, he opened these books and started to tell numbers of the galaxies, although they were in Latin. It was amazing."

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He Was a Genius

So as far as anyone around him could tell, Boris' mind and body were superpowers. The impressive child knew fun facts about outer space that would have most adults scratching their heads trying to understand. And no one knew how he had acquired all that information.

boris kipriyanovich named geniusboris kipriyanovich named genius
Facebook via Boris Kipriyanovich-Boriska

With his incredible knowledge about astrophysics, constellations, and planets, it didn't take long before child experts and psychologists were waiting in line to meet him. And once they did, they could all agree he was a genius. Then came that one strange day that changed everything.

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The Beginning of the Story

The Kipriyanovich family were thrilled to hear the opinions of the experts who met with their child - as most parents probably would be. They definitely agreed that their child was a genius, and were always interested in hearing what the intelligent kid had to share.

boris kipriyanovich story beginningboris kipriyanovich story beginning
YouTube via Project Camelot

That is, until one day when Boris shared something a little too strange for the family to take lightly. Boris's family went on a camping trip with some close friends, who were aware of the child's super-intelligence and accustomed to hearing intriguing facts and stories. But the thing he shared left them a little too dumbfounded.

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A Strange Tale

Like most other camping trips, the group of family and friends would spend their evenings staying warm around the campfire, with the nights centered on singing songs and telling stories. And on one of those nights, Boris had a rather special story to tell.

boris kipriyanovich strange storyboris kipriyanovich strange story
Hatem Moussa/AP via Shutterstock

In an attempt to get the group's attention, Boris announced his story was actually a huge secret, and that the group would really want to find it out. This wasn't news to them, since his friends and family expected nothing less from the intelligent child, but eventually they were all quietly waiting for his story to begin.

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He Came From Mars

After some time, Boris had everyone's attention directed towards him. They waited, expecting him to tell them another random fact about outer space, or how the stars came into being. But instead, he made a claim that shocked them to their core: He said he was originally from Mars and had somehow wound up on planet Earth.

kipriyanovich originally from marskipriyanovich originally from mars
NASA / Handout via Getty Images

Boris Kipriyanovich began to narrate the story of how his previous life had taken place on Mars, and how he was then reborn on planet Earth. Needless to say, nearly everyone sitting around the campfire listening to his story was shocked - except for his mother.

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He Wasn't the Only One

It turns out that this wasn't the first story of the sort that Nadia Kipriyanovich had heard her son tell. He had been making the same claim about being from Mars ever since he was five years old. However, it was the first time that Nadia heard her son narrate the story in such detail.

boris martian boy othersboris martian boy others
Eric Draper/AP via Shutterstock

Although his mother had some major doubts about the narrative Boris was telling, he remained positive of what he was claiming. Not only that, but the boy revealed something that was even more shocking to his audience: he wasn't the only one of his kind.

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The Indigo Children

As a matter of fact, there were quite a few stories of children from Mars who were reborn on Earth. These children were known as "Indigo children," a term given to those with bizarre and sometimes magical characteristics. Boris Kipriyanovich claimed that these children, including himself, had a specific mission on Earth.

indigo children earth missionindigo children earth mission
Gary I Rothstein/EPA via Shutterstock

Although Nadia didn't take her son's story to be fact, she also didn't believe it to be fictitious. Having a little faith in her son, she took Boris to share his story with scientists and was shocked by what they had to say. Boris's knowledge of space was so vast, it included things only experts were aware of.

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His Shocking Prediction

The young boy's knowledge gave him quite a lot of credit among the experts he met with. This is why they paid close attention to the predictions he began to make. And when he shared the 'mission' he had on Earth, they were quite intrigued indeed.

boris sphinx earth missionboris sphinx earth mission
Marco Di Lauro / Stringer via Getty Images

Boris shared that he was sent to tell people on Earth about something hidden on the planet that could change the world - and it was actually located inside Egypt's famous Sphinx. According to the boy, "human life will change when the Sphinx is opened" - and he knew exactly how to open it. 

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The Secret Entrance

Young Boris's confidence was striking as he continued to explain how to discover the secrets that lay in the structure. The truth about his mission would be revealed once the Sphinx was opened, and humanity would then understand why he was sent from Mars to change the world.

sphinx mission secret entrancesphinx mission secret entrance
JOSEPH EID / Contributor via Getty Images

According to Boris, humans had to find a secret door that was visibly located just behind the Sphinx's ear. And although the young boy knew where the door was, he didn't have a clue how to open it. However, there was some more valuable information he had to share...

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Hidden Secrets

Boris' story went on to reveal that humans needed to work out more than just a way to open the door behind the Sphinx's ear. Apparently, it was crucial that people found out how to unlock the secrets that were hidden inside the pyramids of Giza - the secrets that Indigo children had long been telling humans about.

boris kipriyanovich pyramids secretsboris kipriyanovich pyramids secrets
DEA / A. VERGANI / Contributor via Getty Images

Supernatural meaning had been linked to the Egyptian pyramids long before Boris Kipriyanovich told his story. These ancient sturctures, which are perfectly located right below the stars in the sky above them, led people to speculate that there was something almost magical about them. But Boris' journey was far from over...

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15 Years Later

When Boris told the story that blew the minds of experts, he was just seven years old. But because his claims didn't immediately seem to lead to anywhere, the excitement surrounding them quickly subsided. Little did he know, the future had a promise for this little boy.

kipriyanovich 15 years laterkipriyanovich 15 years later
Patrick CHAPUIS / Contributor via Getty Images

Fast forward fifteen years later: the now 22-year-old Boris was watching experts prove the accuracy of one of the theories he'd made as a young boy. Researchers working inside the pyramids were searching for something else entirely, but incidentally happened to come across something from the 7-year-old Boris's story.

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The Secrets of the Pyramids

With the use of technology that hadn't existed at the time Boris made the shocking claims as a 7-year-old, archaeologists were able to make the discovery. A new cosmic-ray imaging technology allowed them to see right through the pyramid walls without having to knock them down.

experts discover pyramid secretexperts discover pyramid secret
Patrick CHAPUIS / Contributor via Getty Images

That's when researchers made the crucial discovery, and revealed what lay hidden inside the pyramids for the first time since the 1800s. A secret chamber, built over 4,500 years ago along with the pyramid, was the clue that the explorers weren't looking for - but that would lead them to discover something else.

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The Start of a Mystery

The cosmic-ray imaging device helped scientists learn more information about the chamber. The device revealed that the chamber covered a 100-foot area and was located directly above the Grand Gallery. Deciding they had to excavate the area, they began putting in the hard work.

Great pyramid secret chamberGreat pyramid secret chamber
Patrick CHAPUIS / Contributor via Getty Images

Although they knew the chamber didn't hold any treasures, they were certain it hid something just as valuable: clues to unlocking the Great Pyramid's secrets. To their dismay, after excavating the chamber, they found it to be empty. But they were certain there was some purpose behind it, and they were determined to find it out.

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The Boy from Mars

The discovery of the chamber reminded experts of the 7-year-old boy who had told his story of his past life on mars several years ago. And the discovery following his unbelievable story was enough to make the boy go viral on several of Russia's news channels.

boris kipriyanovich past lifeboris kipriyanovich past life
Anadolu Agency / Contributor via Getty x

Boris, now 22 years old, made several on-screen appearances to reveal more details about his past life on Mars. He talked about aliens who looked "quite like" people on Earth, but at the same time didn't really look like them. He mentioned that these people were "more able" than humans. And he talked about other stuff, too.

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UFO Pilot

One of the more bizarre topics Boris was asked about was something other than martians. People wanted to know what he had to share about UFOs. And to the delight of the many people who had long been interested in the subject, Boris had a lot to share.

kipriyanovich aliens ufo planetskipriyanovich aliens ufo planets
CIA via Wikimedia Commons

Kipriyanovich explained that he had been a pilot in his past life, and had often used UFOs for traveling purposes. Using plasma power to fuel the UFOs, aliens could "travel in time and space, flying in round spaceships" to other planets and galaxies. And from these experiences came lessons that Boris wanted to share.

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Interplanetary Wars

According to Boris' story, the boy had undergone many experiences in his past life as a pilot. In his interviews, he shared that "people from Mars traveled in many galaxies and planetary systems." And one of the darker memories he had to share was the war that he watched happen as a teenager.

kipriyanovich war amongst planetskipriyanovich war amongst planets
FEMA News Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Although he was young at the time, Boris actually participated in the war. "I remember that time when I was about 14 or 15 years old," he said. "The Martians were waging wars, so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine." Which turned out to be one reason the boy ended up on Earth...

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A Tragic Ending

The young Boris's story took a tragic turn when he eventually reached the more gruesome part of his story: the end of his previous life on Mars. In careful detail, he explained how events beyond our planet when down a dark path...and his listeners couldn't help but notice how hauntingly familiar his description was.

mars wars tragic fatemars wars tragic fate
YouTube via Project Camelot

According to Boris, the unfortunate twist of events came as a result of the use of nuclear power. Several tribe-like groups on Mars were at war with one another. And when the battle ultimately turned into a nuclear one, fate brought the young boy to Earth, as a reborn child.

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Martians Observing Earth

Kipriyanovich explained that the unfortunate development in the events of the war brought many people's lives on Mars to an end. Nearly all martians had died in the war - except for a few. And those who survived, according to Boris' tale, were watching life on Earth cloesly.

kipriyanovich martians watch earthkipriyanovich martians watch earth
YouTube via Project Camelot

Having seen what the circumstances on Mars had come to, Boris acknowledged that nuclear powers were forming a dangerous situation involving on Earth. Witnessing Earth's humans continue to aim to possess nuclear power, he was frightened of the destruction of yet another the planet at the hands of its own inhabitants.

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Boris Kipriyanovich's Mission

But it turns out that planet Earth had a lot more in common with Mars than just an obsession for nuclear weapons. Boris went on to explain that the leaders on Mars in his past life were a cause of concern for those who survived the war. And that led them on their mission to Earth.

boris mars earth mission boris mars earth mission
Bill Ingalls/NASA / Handout via Getty Images

The leaders' hunger for power on planet Mars frightened Boris and his companions - and it was what brought life on Mars to its tragic end. The boy claimed that he watched people in his past life "[become] militant and [start] wars against each other." And so he was reborn on Earth to stop history from repeating itself.

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All Grown Up

So, Boris went from being a young boy sitting around a campfire, sharing stories with his family, to being the star of several TV interviews and documentaries. Around the world, people listened carefully to what he had to say - and for those who did, it was hard not to heed his warnings.

boris story interviews documentariesboris story interviews documentaries
Facebook via Boriska Kipriyanovich

For years, Boris met with experts and interviewers, as people became more and more curious about his story and what he had to say. He told stories of being a pilot navigating UFOs, and taking part in the wars on Mars. Some believed his stories while others weren't too convinced. But one day, things took a turn.

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Out of the Spotlight

Boris had retold his story several times over the years. No one seemed to be able to stand in his way from getting the truth out - not his haters, not even those who mocked him. After all this time of making headlines everywhere, his name was known across the world. That is, until...

boris kipriyanovich disappear spotlightboris kipriyanovich disappear spotlight
YouTube via Project Camelot

Boris's initial availability and enthusiasm to tell his story on television and in documentaries slowly began to decline. It became noticeable among the public that he began rejecting some opportunities to tell his story. Soon, he was nowhere to be found, and people began to wonder where he disappeared to and why.

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The Boy Disappeared

Despite his previous popularity, the boy disappeared not only from the world but also from the minds of people who had eagerly listened to his story. His rise to fame seemed as quickly as his decline from it. Shockingly, some people didn't even find his disappearance too strange.

where did kipriyanovich gowhere did kipriyanovich go
Facebook via Boriska Kipriyanovich

Others didn't even notice Boris had disappeared at all. While some were relieved to see him out of the spotlight, since they believed him to be spreading false information, others felt differently. These people, believing Kipriyanovich was an Indigo child, began to investigate his disappearance.

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Where Did He Go?

As we said, there were several people who believed Boris's story, and they wouldn't let his disappearance go without getting to the bottom of things. They knew there was still so much to learn from him, including the secrets of the Sphinx, how to unlock the clues held inside the Great Pyramid, and how to save life on Earth.

boris kipriyanovich remote villageboris kipriyanovich remote village
Igor Onuchin / Contributor via Getty Images

Those who believed the boy didn't want the tragedy that took place on Mars to happen on Earth. They looked for a clue or some guidance from Boris, but their calls weren't answered. Some theorized that he had grown tired of the attention, and speculated that he now lived as a young man in a far away village with his mother.

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Under Government Custody?

Boris's followers believed he became tired of the spotlight he had lived in for quite a while. After so many years of telling his story and sharing what he knew, he had received more attention than most people would in a lifetime. And so, they thought, he was more than ready to live a quiet and normal life away from all the noise.

kipriyanovich under government custodykipriyanovich under government custody
Mikki Ansin / Contributor via Getty Images

Some thought he lived in a remote village with his mother, away from the eyes and ears of the public. But others quickly realized another possibility: they believed that Russian government, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, had custody of Boris - and feared he would spill too many of the secrets he knew about humanity.

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Boris's Other Predictions

But whether they thought that Boris resided in some faraway village or was trapped under the custody of the Russian government, his believers all worried about the predictions the boy had shared with them. And we're not only talking about the ones about life on Earth.

kipriyanovich prediction flood predictionkipriyanovich prediction flood prediction
Sean Gallup / Staff via Getty Images

An additional prediction Kipriyanovich had made was that the North and South poles on Earth would flip. This would cause the planet's magnetic fields to be reversed and become a deadly threat to those who lived on it. He also mentioned a global flooding that would take over Earth. But none of his predictions ever happened.

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The Truth

Despite some of his predictions never coming true (yet), his claims about the Great Pyramid turned out to be correct. Some thought it was a coincidence, and others believed the boy knew what he was talking about. And those who believed him would wait for other parts of his story to turn into reality.

boris kipriyanovich predictions truthboris kipriyanovich predictions truth
Facebook via Boriska Kipriyanovich

Since his disappearance, Boris not only appeared to have inaccurate predictions but lost some of his followers as well. On the other hand, others have heard his story since he vanished, and joined the crowd of believers Boris still had. This crowd still has faith that Indigo children exist, and more importantly, must be heard…

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