Youtuber Gives Away $7,500 To Random Followers

Taran Underwood

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Teen Vogue

YouTuber Tana Mongeau posted a tweet that offered her fans cold hard cash. A few of her lucky followers were gifted $7,500 totally out of nowhere, just by giving her a follow and a retweet. Not bad money for just the click of a button no? At least now we have an idea how much money YouTubers are making if they can just throw out cash like that.

The YouTuber tweeted "rt this and follow me and i’ll cash app u a random amount of money rn". As you can imagine, thousands followed and retweeted along with a plea as to why they should be the ones to receive the cash.

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Tana responded to some of the tweets. Like one person who said she needed the money to feed her cats and another 18-year-old girl who said she was living by herself. These were the followers who seemed to have touched Tana with their stories and were sent the $7,500 present. Another person wrote: "I don't have health insurance and need to pay for a doctors appointment."

Tana responded: "Paid 4 it."

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Once she had reached her limit, she tweeted "OK I popped off, c u soon."

Tana is infamous for keeping a close relationship with her fans and staying in touch with them as often as she can which may be the reason she decided to give back. However, it could also have something to do with the fact that they were there for her during her time of need.

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Tana recently divorced from her husband, Jake Paul. The two of them posted to their Instagram handles stating that they had decided to separate so they could focus on their "crazy lives."

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To be fair, none of us were really surprised, it seemed like a failing relationship from the start. Mongeau released a video afterward called 'the truth about everything', in which she referred to her wedding night as the start of the end and said it was 'just hell'.