Workplace Comedy ‘Animal Control’ Heading to Fox!


| LAST UPDATE 07/27/2022

By Lily Tipton
Bob Fisher Rob Greenberg
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It's the tried and tested formula for a successful comedy series: The Office, Parks and Recreation, Superstore, and more workplace antics have proven time and time again to be the ultimate premise for on-screen laughs. We've had a paper company, a parks governmental office, and a supermarket, so what's next? Well, as the title indicates, this time, Fox is giving us a behind-the-scenes of an animal control office! While animal control workers may not immediately scream hysterical belly-laughs, we have a lot of faith in its creators to find the hidden magic. Here's everything we know so far.

The single-camera comedy, which focuses on the work of animal-control officers, is coming to us straight from the minds of Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg, and Dan Sterling. Working on the show as writers and executive producers, their combined stellar records more than validate their talents and abilities to bring this show to life. Fisher and Greenberg worked together to create the Fox comedy show The Moodys, and Sterling was behind the hilarious King of the Hill and The Last Man on Earth, both of which were on Fox. But perhaps the most promising fact of all, is Sterling's contribution to the writing of The Office.

the office workplace comedy
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Since the Disney Acquisition deal, which saw Fox being spun off from 21st Century Fox, the network has limited its streaming schedule to its pre-existing shows. Animal Control is a monumental move as it will mark Fox's first fully-owned live-action comedy. Although no official synopsis of the show has been released, we can only imagine the hilarities that will arise as a result of complicated humans and unpredictable animals. 

Fox has ordered Animal Control as part of their 'script-to-series' development model. 3 versions of the script have already been written, and casting will soon be underway. With the goal of a 2022-2023 mid-season release date, the race is on to get this show into the production stages. Although it was previously announced that the straight-to-series dark comedy Cindy Snow would be filling this slot, the deal never went ahead - and it's believed that Animal Control will be its replacement. Till then, stay tuned for all the updates!

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