Woman Turns Down Amazing Job To Pursuit Instagram Dream

Taran Underwood

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When you hear the term 'influencer' a lot of stereotypes come to mind. The most common one being that the person is shallow or talentless and just got a great deal out of it. However, Xenia Tchoumi might just be an exception.

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This influencer is far from shallow. Xenia speaks 6 different languages including, Italian, Russian, English, German, French, and Spanish. When she graduated with a degree in economics, she was offered a great job as an investment banker at J.P. Morgan. However, she turned it down in order to continue pursuing her dreams of being an Instagram follower.

"There's a huge pool of people, with completely different aptitudes and talents and they are all called influencers," she said. "Whoever has an online platform with followers is considered an influencer, yet the nuances are infinite. They can be dim and shallow of course, or they can be hard working mini power-houses and intelligent entrepreneurs."

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Since Xenia turned down the job offer, she hasn't had one regret. Her career as an influencer has been only successful since. Her Instagram account has over 1.6 million followers, she also launched her own magazine and has given three motivational TEDx talks. This blogger shows no signs of slowing down any time soon!

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When asked what she loves most about her career, she said that has to be "The freedom to work at any hour or day of the week, the constant connection to a community and the responsibility of having a voice that can be heard, or read, at any moment that you decide. As well as the empowerment in dealing and negotiating with big brands and professionals of the sector. You are completely unlinked from the traditional form of media, which means you have your own audience and your own voice at all times. It gives you a lot of freedom, as you are your own brand and business too."

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A popular opinion is that she should have rather chosen the job at J.P. Morgan. However, the upcoming model thinks differently.

"Yes, I do have other qualifications, but working as an influencer is the business I chose to be in for this period of my life. And I love it. Sometimes by seeing only my social media, you don't know the full picture, and it is fine like that by me."