Watch This Stand-Up Comedian Continue Her Set During an Earthquake

Taran Underwood

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Atsuko Okatsuka is a stand-up comedian who is quickly on the rise, she was named a comic to watch two years running, and hosts a successful podcast called 'Atsuko Lets Go!' And, during a recent major earthquake in LA, she proved just how skilled a performer she can be even under the most stressful of circumstances. While performing at the Ice House comedy club in LA, Okatsuka took the stage and began dancing. Suddenly, the audience started reacting... a lot, and with more panic than you'd want to hear from an audience you were dancing in front of. She was confused until an audience member shouted out, "Earthquake! Earthquake!" But, instead of running for the exit, Okatsuka stayed on stage and continued to make jokes until the ground beneath her feet stopped shaking.

She was rewarded for this with a big round of applause when things calmed down, and a big laugh at an earthquake joke she managed to make on the fly. A week later, the comic shared the video of her set on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

Of course, Okatsuka wouldn't be the true entertainer she is if she wasn't immediately capitalizing on her newfound internet glory with all new content for her many, many new followers.