Valentine's Day Miracle: Calf Born With Heart Shaped Mark

Scarlett Adler

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It's a Valentine's Day miracle. On February, the 14th, an adorable little calf was born with a heart shaped mark plastered on her face. Safe to say, she's already won cutest animal of this year.

Bushmills County farmer, James McAuley was in for a big surprise when the baby cow was born Friday morning. With big, brown eyes and a light brown coat, he couldn't help but notice the giant heart shaped mark on her forehead.

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Dubbed 'Be My Valentine', the miracle cow has been a hit with everybody on the farm, including McAuley's young children, Jack, Emily and Harry.

"I've seen ones kind of like it but it's just the date, being Valentine's Day. It was my mum that said 'look at the heart on her head!" he shared.

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No surprise, the remarkable calf has already taken the online world by storm, making headlines near and far. "I just can't believe the way it's taken off," the grateful farmer shared.