Up and Away! David Blaine Uses Balloons to Float Above Arizona Desert

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David Blaine Balloons
David Becker / Stringer via Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, illusionist and world-record-breaker David Blaine embarked on his latest stunt, titled "Ascension." Blaine strapped himself to 52 helium balloons and floated 24,900 feet over the Arizona desert! You know, just a casual Wednesday morning out in nature.

David Becker via Getty

The thrill-seeker initially aimed to reach 18,000 feet into the air, and endured temperatures below zero to exceed his goal. After floating 24,900 feet into the air (that's 4.7 miles), David parachuted back to the ground and landed safely.

"Every single stunt that I've ever done is about endurance and pushing past what I thought would be possible... I can't imagine that many people would dream of doing it," Blaine said before embarking on his adventure. If you want to watch the live-action version of Disney's Up, don't worry, the stunt was streamed via YouTube.

David Becker via Getty

When discussing his upcoming adventure with Joe Rogan last month, Blaine explained his inspiration for his latest stunt. "I want it to look like a kid just holding on to balloons," he stated. David's original goal was to reach 29,029 feet, the same height as the peak of Mount Everest!

While up in the air, Blaine said to his team "It's like magic, it feels like I'm floating in the air." The thrill-seeker trained for two years and even became a licensed pilot for this performance. We think it's safe to say his hard work paid off!