Two Armed Robbers Do What No One Expected


| LAST UPDATE 06/30/2021

By Molly Houghton
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On the 15th of October, Tuesday afternoon, it seemed like an ordinary day. In the town of Amarante, which is 160km from Teresina, a little pharmacy store had the frightening experience of being held up at gunpoint. Since then, this incident has made headlines for its bizarre circumstances.

At the time of the incident, there was one employee behind the counter and an elderly lady at the till.  Usually, when you see guys with masks and guns, barging into a store, you assume they'll stop at nothing to take as much as they can. However, some security cameras caught two criminals doing the unthinkable.


At around 5 pm, two men who were well-armed came into the store and demanded that the teller give them whatever money the shop had. The business owner, Samuel Almeida reported that his employee had been forced to give everything they had in the cashier - which amounted to around $1,000. The elderly woman then offered the two armed men, whatever money she had in her pocket. What the criminal did next, caused this incident to become breaking news.

When the elderly woman offered her money, the robber kissed her head and said "No, ma'am, you can be quiet, I don't want your money.'"


Samuel explained that regardless of the turnouts of the event, he wants these men caught and arrested. However, when the police arrived they watched the footage and did a full search but, could not find anything.

"Of the smallest evils, at least they didn't take anyone's life, but I'll look for other cameras in the area and make a BO so they can be arrested and no one else is their victim," said Samuel.

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Whilst most people are touched by the sweet gesture, a crime is a crime and these are still wanted suspects.