Trailer for Final Season of 'Sex Education' Released


| LAST UPDATE 09/14/2023

By Evelyn Martinez
Sex Education Season Final
Netflix via YouTube

Dry your eyes, Sex Education fans. The fourth and final season is coming soon. The trailer for the upcoming season was released today, and it looks like it's going to be a wild ride. Our favorite Moordale students are back, and they're facing all sorts of challenges. There's plenty of love, loss, and drama.

In classic Otis irony, despite dishing out endless advice to his equally anxious peers, he cannot apply the same logic in his dating life. The trailer opens with Maeve sending a cheeky chest pic to Otis and demanding a return image from him. Otis enthusiastically gets ready to send one back, only to lack the courage to send any back to Maeve. At the end of season three, Maeve left Moordale to attend a writing program in the US, leaving audiences with a hefty chunk of questions about her and Otis’ relationship. The trailer confirms that the unlikely couple will continue their romance, albeit from overseas. All fans want to know is, will we see the couple reunite before the show ends? Time will tell. 

Sex Education Maeve final
Netflix via YouTube
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However, not all show fans root for Maeve and Otis’ relationship. There is still a large fan base rooting for ‘Rotis,’ a reunion of Otis and a mean girl with a complicated backstory, Ruby. Perhaps, with Maeve’s absence from Moordale, Otis will turn his sights elsewhere. One YouTube commenter wrote, “Mom, come pick me up. I’m scared that Maeve and Otis might not be endgame.” At the same time, another disagreed, commenting, “Can Maeve just stay away and Otis end up with Ruby!” 

Aimee is up to her usual kooky antics, Jackson can’t seem to get over Cal, and Eric is doing all he can to avoid being in the pits of Moordale High. Some things never really change. The hit series first graced our screens in September 2019 and became an instant classic. Since it began, the actors, showrunner, production design, and casting have received critical acclaim and an array of accolades. The show even won an International Emmy Award in 2022 for Best Comedy Series for its third season. We don't know about you, but we'll definitely be binging this one once it comes out!

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