TikTok Launches Subscription-Based Comedy Series


| LAST UPDATE 06/07/2022

By Arianna Morgan
viral tiktok comedy jericho
Instagram via @jercho1

TikTok is linking up with Pearpop, a social media collaboration platform, to launch a new comedy docuseries - but it's gonna cost ya! The upcoming comedy docuseries, Finding Jericho, starring the creator Jericho Mencke, will make up of eight 30-minute episodes and require a subscription to watch. So what's the deal?

TikTok is joining the streaming business, and here is what we know. Jericho Mencke, who has around 2 million followers on TikTok, is hosting the newly premiered subscription-only show, Finding Jericho, which debuted on June 2. The exclusive Tik Tok Live series will run twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and cost users $4.99 to watch - but the first two episodes are available via TikTok for all users for free.

viral tiktok comedy series
Instagram @jercho1
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Recently TikTok launched a monthly subscription tool that is available for chosen creators with over 1K followers to monetize their followings. The subscription allows fans to chat with their favorite creators, have custom access emotes, and gain subscriber badges. "We're thrilled to see this milestone of launching our first digital series for Pearpop with TikTok and what it will accomplish for the brand. I'm so excited about this first-of-a-kind comedy docuseries and proud to show the world what Jericho and Pearpop have created together," gushed Pearpop's CEO.

@jercho1 Learning how to laugh with a clown on my show Finding Jericho🔥 next episode on my Tik Tok live Tuesday June 7th 9pm pst w/ @pearpop ♬ original sound - Jericho Mencke

In each episode of Finding Jericho, the TikTok star will interview different creators and celebrities such as Sloane Veronico, Wasil Daoud, Griffin Johnson, and even a clown from Craigslist, as they touch on "unconventional topics you won't see elsewhere," according to Pearpop. "His comedy is always clean but with a one-of-a-kind edgy tone, for all ages. Pearpop is going to continue to push the boundaries for how creators, brands, and entertainers can work together and collaborate in new ways," according to Pearpop's CEO Cole Mason. "Jericho's random style and satirical troupes always start in one place and end where the audience thought unimaginable," making him the ideal candidate for this "exciting new milestone." So make sure to sign up for that subscription and check out TikTok's latest!

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