This Raw Turkey Is NOT What You Think It Is

Scarlett Adler

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It's that time of the year again: The air starts to chill, colorful leaves splash the sidewalks and girls everywhere sport those damn pumpkin spice lattes. And with fall comes a lot of our favorite holiday, thanksgiving.

So naturally, people everywhere are racing to get into the holiday spirit. They eye those Black Friday sales and begin to plan out that thanksgiving feast. But one baker's festivities were so bizarre, they left the online world in a frenzy.

Sarah Hardy, a professional baker from the U.K., has gained worldwide acclaim for her bizarre creations. While most people opt for an appealing cake, Hardy takes pride in making gory looking desserts.

And earlier this month, the talented Brit posted her latest 'masterpiece': a raw turkey.


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And so, it's no surprise that such a realistic crafting takes days to ace and over $600 to order. Comprised of four layers of sponge cake, its buttercream icing gives the cake its realistic looking color.

And Hardy is all too proud of her creations, including this eyesore. 'I love what I do...I get to make things that look like things that aren’t tasty… and then they are tasty,' she shares on her official Instagram, The Edible Museum. 

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And while Hardy's creations are definitely unusual, most users share her same admiration. 'Wow, you got the skin down...I almost want to prank someone with it. Lol,' one user commented.

Well, what do you guys think? Amazing or repulsing?

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