This High School Sweethearts' Relationship Takes Wild Turn

Scarlett Adler

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'What's yours is mine and what's mine is yours.' It's what every happy couple vows after that momentous trip down the aisle. But one specific couple took this whole sharing-is-caring concept to a new level, after a fateful trip to the gym...

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In 2015, CrossFit gym owners, Mary and Leo Barillas, met estimator Kimberlee Slagle through their fitness center. Almost instantaneously, the 29 year old took up a friendship with the entrepreneurs. But what started as a friendship for the three quickly transpired into something much more...

You see, as their friendship began to blossom, the Washington couple began to suspect there was more than just friendly feelings in the air. Sure enough, they weren't wrong.

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Come September 2016, the three officially began a new journey of polyamory. 'We fell in love, probably at different times, for different reasons. We decided the three of us just vibed really well,' Leo gushed.

Eventually, the unlikely trio took the next step in their relationship, as Slagle and her two children moved in with the Barillas and their kids, a few months later.

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So far, living under one roof has been deemed a success for their relationship. 'We chat a lot about the future, but find that living in the moment one day at a time is what is best for our family and us,' Leo added.

And while you might expect the uncommon relationship to incur some confusion or criticism, family and friends have been nothing but positive. They 'love us for who we are and they pay no regard to how we choose to live our lives, as long as we live a happy one.'

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