This Boyfriend's Heart-Warming Proposal Is Officially 'Out of this World'

Scarlett Adler

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Whether it be from our favorite chick-flick, or from our own personal experience, we've all witnessed our fair share of heart-warming proposals. But this couple's out-of-this-world engagement has just brought love to an entirely new dimension.

Space fanatic, Liam Bove, has always loved the wonders of this universe, including our seemingly endless galaxies. So when he channeled that passion for the even stronger passion he had for his girlfriend, it created the ultimate blast-off.

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Bove had been working with Sent Into Space for over a year, in order to perfect the legendary proposal. So, what exactly went down that fateful day?

On January 10, after endless months of planning, his Tiffany engagement ring was fired 100,000 feet above the Earth. Over a month later, come February 29, the 31-year-old would reveal the big news to his sweetheart of 15 years.

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Becky, his 28-year-old soulmate, was swept off of her feet with a beautiful walk along their local river before Liam revealed the extraordinary footage and popped the big question.

"She was absolutely overwhelmed and gobsmacked," a gushing Bove revealed. "Delighted, to say the least." Safe to say, we feel the exact same way. In fact, he's definitely just set the standard very high.