Nightmare Passenger Shouts Last Thing You Want To Hear On-Board

Taran Underwood

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Every flight has its bad passengers. Whether its the child playing with his iPad on full volume, the fat man snoring, or worst of all, the guy who claps when the plane lands. However, even the most out-of-control passengers know not to scream things that imply the plane is about to crash or that everyone has a chance of dying.

Well, 50-year-old Timothy Norton obviously didn't get the memo and managed to scare every passenger on flight 1991 from Dallas to Oaklahoma city.

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On Monday night, 12th of August, Southwest Airlines had a rather difficult passenger. Timothy Norton allegedly got up and told the other passengers, including children,  "Hey kids, we are going to die." Crew members had said they could smell alcohol on his breath and he was noticeably slurring his words. They also mentioned that he swore at a flight attendant when she told him to "knock it off".

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One of the passengers on the flight said "what he yelled was just disturbing. I've been flying frequently for 20 years and nothing like this has ever happened." When the pilot stopped the plane and the police managed to get Norton under control, the pilot turned to him and said "I hope you get everything you deserve. I never want to see you on one of my airplanes again. As you can imagine, Norton was arrested at GATE: 14 at 11 pm.

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The act of disorderly conduct on a plane is taken very seriously in the US, so they had no intention of going easy on Norton. He spent that night in the Oklahoma County Jail. The next day, he was released with a bail of $15,000.

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Norton is now facing charges for drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and terrorism charges.