The Sky's the Limit: 39+ Uplifting Quarantine Pics of People at Home From Above

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From "Beautiful, ancient forests in Lithuania to the scorching, hot sand of Mexican beaches," photographer Adas Vasiliauskas had captured it all. But, what happened when the Lithuanian artist swapped out-of-the-box wedding portraits for zero-human-contact drone photography?

Hang on as we walk you through the uplifting masterpiece, using all of the breathtaking pictures behind it.

Rays of Sunshine

"When the quarantine was announced in my country, Lithuania, all of my photography jobs that I had in advertising were canceled," revealed Adas Vasiliauskas. And so, with a stringent lockdown enforced among the nation, this family was one of many to be forced indoors.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Luckily, these dire times haven't stopped hopeful individuals, such as these Lithuanians, from spreading their contagious light. While the family clearly yearns for that long-awaited, seasonal dip, they've got an undeniable radiance within their home, and I'm not just referring to the bathing suit.

Eyes on the Horizon

And so, with "Events gone with the wind, and Adas sitting without a job, thinking, "What is going on and how can I work further?" as he recalled, the passionate artist and his innovative mind were left racing a mile a minute. But he wasn't the only one taking this lonesome time to reflect on future endeavors.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Just take this family, who clearly isn't letting the overwhelming magnitude of the pandemic weigh them down - their spirits, as bright as mom and dad's skinny jeans; Their sights set on the world right before their very eyes, as they look out towards the future.

Circle of Life

What would you do if you were in Adas' shoes? Would you take to the comfort of your home, abandoning all of those would-be works of art? For the devoted artist, one thing was for sure: "I knew that I needed to photograph something new." Only there was an undeniable obstacle hurled his way.

Adas Vasiliauskas

With a devastating pandemic sweeping the nation and social distancing at an all-time high, how was he expected to carry on with his passion? Vasiliauskas would continue to search for a way around these dark times; A light, peeping through the end of a seemingly endless tunnel. Hakuna Matata.

Glass Half Full

You see, Vasiliauskas had indeed seen it all. From the captivating, turquoise waters of Lake Garda in Italy, to the rugged barrenness of the Nevada Desert, his 250+ wedding backdrops had steered him to the most wondrous sites around the globe.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Which is why, just like this pair, even in the darkest of times, Adas saw the glass half full. He had to continue capturing the miracles of life that his passion had unveiled before his very eyes. Despite the trying times, there was so much to be thankful for - and that is something worth celebrating.

Life's Tunes

But how would the inspired artist accurately capture Mother Nature in all of her glory? "At first, I thought of offering to shoot people with a telephoto lens," revealed Vasiliauskas. The unique, long-reaching lens would make maintaining a necessary distance no longer a game-changing blockade, hindering his fiery passion.

Adas Vasiliauskas

While it was undeniable - social distancing was indeed a crippling heaviness on both our passions and our souls - that didn't mean we had to let it hijack all of that which brings us happiness. With the right mindset, we could carry on basking in the soundtrack of our lives.


Of course, including in life's glorious tunes are the anniversaries of our very existence. Each year, as we complete another addition to our self-scripted chapters, we turn the page on the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Even at the face of worldwide devastation, our six-year-old warrior is ready for that which lies ahead of her. The rest is still unwritten, and while - just like you and I - she might not hold the pages to that final chapter, she can decide how that next one is going to begin.

Happiness Is

And that's precisely what Adas did. He decided he was going to persevere, carrying on exactly where his own story had placed him. With the vision of an impromptu photoshoot high on his horizon, he was ready to capture this next chapter, as daunting as it may have been.

Adas Vasiliauskas

"Viskas Bus Gerai." Everything will be fine, as our encouraging family has reminded us. The key to happiness lies within our own hearts, and if we choose to unlock it, we can get through anything; Because, after all, waiting at the end of every storm lies a colorful rainbow.


But if there's one thing about the gifted artist, it's that he was just that: gifted. So while every problem held a solution, all of Vasiliauskas' problems held even better solutions, ones that matched up with his out-of-the-box mentality.

Adas Vasiliauskas

What would you do if you were placed in these citizens' shoes? Would you have remained indoors, or would you take up a crafty outlook on the situation in front of you? For Adas, he chose the latter, realizing there was an even more artistic approach to his photography endeavors.

Where It All Begins

"I remembered [that] I frequently use a drone in my wedding photography," an inspired Adas explained. And just like that, he had reflected on his limited resources amidst these unfavorable times to sprout a beautiful idea.

Adas Vasiliauskas

But he wasn't the only one clenching onto hope during these bleak times. While people were busy flocking into their homes, no signs of life visible on the eerily deserted streets, this new mother was busy welcoming a pint-sized bundle of joy into the world.

Looking Ahead

And so, in an effort "To give people a chance to brighten their day in this negative coronavirus information overload," Vasiliauskas set off on his breathtaking journey. He was going to use his drone to deploy a "Zero-human-contact way to capture" the ever-evolving chronicles of those around him.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Such as this couple, setting their sights on what lies ahead, rather than past events in their mysterious book-of-life. Which leaves us with an important question: how are you going to ride out your journey?

Riding It Out

Perhaps you'll opt to cruise through life's slopes with a lust for adventure and aching for excitement. With the pedal to the metal and an empty road ahead, it's up to you to determine how you want to navigate through those bumpy paths and winding turns.

Adas Vasiliauskas

In fact, Adas' next subjects have perfectly exemplified this very essence for the rest of us. Despite life's unexpected and unfavorable twists, it appears that they've opted to zip right through them, with a sense of humor and high spirits.


But that doesn't mean that everybody shares those same approaches. Contrarily, this Lithuanian couple appears to have deployed a different take to their current quarantine. With the madness permeating throughout the country, they've decided to use this time for relaxation and self-meditation.

Adas Vasiliauskas

And that's totally fine. At the end of the day, everybody is entitled to their own beliefs and preferences. As a matter of fact, these contrasting opinions attest to the beautifully unique characteristics that separate each and every one of us as individuals.

Grass Is Always Greener

In fact, there's an excellent reason they say that the grass is greener on the other side. For each and every one of us, as we flip through the endless chapters of our personal narratives - meeting all of the characters that come along the way - we can't help but wonder what differs from us.

Adas Vasiliauskas

And so, it’s only natural for our minds to let our imagination fill in the missing gaps – only sometimes, it leaves us envious of our neighbors. Only, in reality, our neighbor’s grass is exactly the same as ours, including these friendly guys’. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

Together in Harmony

But what does that mean, exactly? As Adas has shown us above, for some, it might call for a Netflix 'watch party,' safely cozied up in the warmth of their favorite bedspreads - and loved ones. For others, it might call for a musical melody, taking their creative juices and using them to liven the silenced pavements below.

Adas Vasiliauskas

What notes do you contribute to our universal harmony? Whatever it may be, there's one thing that we do know, and that is, together, we are unbreakable. Through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, when we come together, no broken chord can't be tuned.

Bigger Picture

This is why it was only a matter of time before Adas' beautifully unifying project had captured the hearts of millions. "I shot a few of my friends, the photos gained a lot of likes, and the project took off," the talented visionary revealed.

Adas Vasiliauskas

While people had been confined to the limiting walls of their own homes, Vasiliauskas, along with his imaginative ideas, had exposed people's eyes to that which existed beyond borders; The bigger picture -And people couldn't get enough of it.


But what exactly was going on behind such closed doors? For each and every one of us, while we gaze outside our very windows, taking in the world below our very feet, the view we're presented with might appear different than that of our neighbors'.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Will we look out into the darkness and find that ray of light, looming in the far distance? Or perhaps we'll look out into the sky and see just that: darkness. Whatever it may be, while we study the picture behind that glass frame, we often forget that we are being studied as well. What do you think they're celebrating?


You see, Vasiliauskas and his ground-breaking project had invited onlookers, spanning from all around the world, into the intimate sanctuaries of complete strangers. Such as this Lithuanian, who seems more than delighted to welcome us all inside.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Of course, it's no surprise that with almost 3 million citizens, as of 2020, the unique European country boasts millions upon millions of ranging individuals. And so, you can bet that the unconventional artist took it upon himself to capture such varying characters.

Keeping It Light

Such as this humorous soul, who opted to deploy a light-hearted approach to her given situation. With the demand for necessities and resources strikingly higher than ever, customers have hurled to their local shops, eager to stow away an endless supply of products.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Unfortunately, it's left endless residents in a state of utter panic, as markets have begun to run low on the simplest of things. Luckily, such demanding times haven't yet seized the playfulness that lingers in the air, as this resident has shown us.


But if there's one thing that these taxing times have shown us, it's that when 'tomorrow' plagues us with the lowest of lows, we've got to reflect on that which matters most; That which, despite all of the money - or toilet paper - in the world, is irreplaceable.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Those that are near-and-dear to our hearts: Our mothers, our fathers, our little ones - who might not yet be able to grasp the gravity of our current realities - and cherish every moment leading up until this very point. Who will you be holding when the going gets tough?

Standing Tall

But perhaps you don't have that luxury of being so close to your loved ones. With countless borders restricted and travel at an all-time low, distance has grown to play an undeniable obstacle within our unfavorable, newfound realities; And it's only made our hearts grow fonder.

Adas Vasiliauskas

While we ache for the warmth and comfort of our loved ones - as we're haunted with unfamiliarities that have besieged our 'kingdoms' - some of us have opted to stand tall in the face of adversity. Just like this woman, who's chosen to channel her favorite Game of Thrones warrior.

Masking It

Well, who do you turn to for strength when you feel that you need it the most? For some, as Adas has perfectly captured above, the fearless mother of dragons provides that much-needed ease as we continue unmasking the next pages of our ambiguous chapters.

Adas Vasiliauskas

For others, they embrace the comforts of their favorite, fearless, villains; Like this playful family, who has welcomed Darth Vader and his unworldly powers into their very own galaxy. Clearly, there’s no force a dose of humor can’t wield. Right?

Peace of Mind

Or, how about a gentle and soothing meditation session? While it’s always comforting channeling our favorite, on-screen ‘heroes’ for some much-needed inspiration, why not use this time to channel our inner selves? With so much chaos lurking among the shadows, it’s only inevitable that some of it has seeped into our very souls.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Perhaps that's why this meditating family has decided to use this time as a time of self-reflection; A time to gain some much-needed peace of mind. Instead of shacking up to their favorite Netflix binge, they've decided to flip the switch on their internal voices.

On the Horizon

Just like this self-meditating Lithuanian, who has taken to the outskirts of her own four walls - her comfort zone - in an attempt to unearth new boundaries. While the outside world might be hurling harsh, stumbling blocks her way, her unwavering perspective is as steady as ever.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Well, what brings you your zen? Perhaps you, too, can discover peace-of-mind in the 'loudest' of places; The harshest of realities; While each and every one of us might be blessed with a piercing sun, that doesn't mean we all share that same, bright horizon.

Neighborhood Light

This explains why some of Adas' subjects have decided to deploy a different coping mechanism to the unmerciful reality propped before them. Just take this colorful lady and her lust for excitement. I mean, you can practically hear her infectious laugh from here.

Adas Vasiliaskas

And while we can't tell you what exactly led up to that unorthodox 'workout' session, we can tell you this: it's the little beams of light - like the ones this neighbor emanates - that make Adas' project as powerful as it has proven to be.

A Morning With Meaning

Because it takes approximately five extra seconds in our morning to decide precisely how much meaning we want our day to have. After all, it's the little things in life that hold the most extraordinary of capabilities. Such as swapping that raggy pair of sweatpants for, I don't know, something that might lift your neighbors' spirits?

Adas Vasiliauskas

You see, for these friends, it took them approximately an extra minute to lighten up the neighborhood – and all from a slight alteration to their typical morning attire. Something so seemingly minor can actually hold so much meaning to somebody else, that is, if we allow it to.

Giving Back

Such as this loving family, who each radiate the powerful bursts of happiness they're transmitting. For our beaming mother, you can see just how delirious she is to have her pint-sized troublemakers right by her side, keeping her company as she gets some work done.

Adas Vasiliauskas

And then there are her 'pint-sized troublemakers' - furry friends included, of course - feeling lucky to spend some quality time with their hard-working mother, as they flip through the pages of their favorite read. It's the little things in life.

Music to Their Ears

What makes you tick? An improvised, sun-lit dinner? A synchronized, melodious harmony? Perhaps you're like this loving couple, who turned what might have been a monotonous season of isolation, into a time of budding romance; A time to bask in the warmth of their loved ones.

Adas Vasiliauskas

But that doesn't mean this time of passion and self-realization is fueled solely by the unwavering love of partners. As Lithuanians quarantine in the limiting borders of their very homes, many other bouts of relationships are being tried and tested.


You know, like the ones involving our closest of friends – or roommates. While the entire country is placed on a stringent lockdown, some of Lithuania's citizens might not be as pleased with their new, forced living arrangements as our lovers mentioned above.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Lucky for these folks, though, these seemingly friends appear as happy as ever to be spending some quality time together. While the quarantine has forced people to place their buzzing lives on hold, it's also provided a chance to get to know our living partners deeper than ever before.

Sun Is Shining

In fact, if not now, when? Perhaps you want to ask yourself what relationships might need some more attention - more watering and seeding - to blossom back to life. What aspects of your life do you think might benefit from some extra 'sunlight?'

Adas Vasiliauskas

From the looks of it, this seemingly couple have got an abundance of it in theirs. With both overflowing smiles and plants, seeping through their windowpane, it appears that despite the dark days that might lay ahead, they've seen plenty of sunshine.

Sweet Mornings

Just like this beaming couple. Despite the ambiguity that may lurk below their very feet, they've opted to start their morning with a colorful arrangement of peppers, and an even more colorful bundle of smiles. I mean, just look at the guy.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Once again, Adas' uplifting artwork has illustrated an array of lights that have yet to be extinguished by the pandemic's undeniable fury. While there's evident darkness seeping throughout the country, the neighbors of our influential artist have displayed nothing but positivity.

Monkey Business

It's truly remarkable, honestly. A daunting pandemic has saturated the nation, and yet, here we are, Adas' community as positive and uplifting as ever; Another family, seen below, exuding that undimmed light that seems to be bouncing around the country.

Adas Vasiliauskas

If you didn't know any better, there's a good chance you'd think we've just been blessed with this family's once seasonal greetings. Only we haven't, and those special, joyous moments in time have just been matched with this jungle's high spirits.

Take 2

But what if you could go back in time, perhaps to those very same, seasonal celebrations - would you? In fact, if you could hit pause at this very moment, what would you do differently? Would you bask in the perfectness of that very moment, or would you long for something missing?

Adas Vasiliauskas

In this mysterious journey called life, we don't often have time to hit the rewind button on all of our previous endeavors; To rehash all of those 'What If's and propel ourselves into a hypothetical future - one where all of our mistakes no longer haunt us. Perhaps that's why one might opt to self-reflect during these times.

Make Lemonade

After all, when life hands us lemons, we know exactly what we're supposed to be making. No matter what sour conditions are brutally tossed our way, with a spoonful of self-reflection and a cup of encouragement, we can brew the most perfect lemonade.

Adas Vasiliauskas

In fact, Adas' latest subject has perfectly attested to this very 'recipe.' Despite the utter madness that's been flooding the very pavement below, this concerned citizen has got the most essential ingredient to help sweeten up the country's sour situation: "We Stay Home!"

"Just Do It"

But he's not the only one using this powerful platform to spread encouragement. This fearless Lithuanian, along with the help of her furry companion, appears readier than ever to ride all of life's ramps: the steep inclines, the sudden declines, and the slippery slopes.

Adas Vasiliauskas

"Just do it," as her shirt will remind all of us quarantined spectators. No matter what life's got hurled our way, this inspired skateboarder, much like you and I, is buckled up and ready to ride along. Of course, her Yorkie feels the exact same way.

Family Matters

Adas and his ground-breaking project not only unified his colorful community, but also the tight-knit families within those very borders. Just like this one. When they were placed into lockdown - destined to be under one roof, 24/7 of every day - it only brought them closer.

Adas Vasiliauskas

I mean, see for yourselves. With a smile plastered on their faces, and an infectious sense of humor, etched into their humorous ensembles, they appear to be stronger than ever. It really makes you value that typically underappreciated family time.

New Beginnings

Of course, with these times of self-realization come times of new beginnings, blossoming under our very own roofs. You see, for this ambitious citizen, the national lockdown was used as a time of change; A time to cut off all of those ‘dead ends’ and leave them in the past.

Adas Vasiliauskas

Will you do the same? Will you use this time of isolation as a time to develop? Naturally, change is something that many come to fear, but if there's anything Adas has shown us, it's that his neighbors continue to carry on, pushing boundaries and hurdling those obstacles.

Better Together

Just like this unstoppable duo. As a little girl, we are taught there is no mountain too high; No barrier that can't be broken. We swap the tooth fairy, for Santa, until we unknowingly mesh into these very 'idols' we've been looking up to our entire lives.

Adas Vasiliauskas

And this pint-sized princess is no exception. From the looks of it, her strong-minded mother is a walking - or rolling - example of that very essence we've been instilling into our little ones since the beginning of time. With the help of that unwavering drive, it appears that they'll be gliding through just about everything.


So, given the immeasurable love that's been oozing out of these very windows: What's your driving force? What's your motivation to propel forwards, despite the heavyweight on you that seems to keep holding you down? Is it your close circle of friends?

Adas Vasiliauskas

Or maybe it's those seeking shelter under your very roof? Whatever it may be, Vasiliauskas and his wide-ranging characters speak for themselves. We've seen families channel that inner zen; Contrasting musicians sprout life onto the very streets below. But there's one common denominator.

Together as One

Despite the overwhelming darkness that's been hijacking their very streets, these dire times haven't stopped hopeful individuals, such as these Lithuanians, from spreading their contagious light. From newborn bundles-of-joy to 6-year-old warriors, nobody is letting the magnitude of the pandemic weigh them down.

Adas Vasiliauskas

As their national anthem beautifully prophesizes, "May the sun above our land banish darkening clouds around...For the sake of this land, let unity blossom!" These courageous, Lithuanian citizens have done just that. And we've got the imaginative vision of one 'crazy wedding photographer' to thank for that.


He started out as an out-of-the-box wedding photographer, who had truly seen it all - Only he hadn't, and these magnificent panoramas can attest to that. He'd jetted off to the most exotic of locations, only the reality, is that the most vibrant sight was the one beyond Adas' very doorstep.

Adas Vasiliauskas

"I hope these funny photos remind everyone that sitting quarantined at home can be fun too. And, of course, I hope they also remind people to keep their social distance during these scary times," Vasiliauskas concluded. And he couldn't be more right - with a full heart and a clear mind, we can get through this together.