The New York Comedy Festival Is Officially Coming Back Live!


| LAST UPDATE 11/08/2021

By Conner Goodman
gary gulman comedy festival
Allen Berezovsky Contributor via Getty Images

Be prepared to crack up, because after almost a year without the New York Comedy Festival, our favorite comedies are finally returning to the stage. The highly anticipated festival will be held in comedy clubs all around the city between November 8 to 14.

new york comedy festival
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Caroline Hirsch, who founded the comedy festival on Broadway, hopes the event will help support the clubs that took a financial knock when the pandemic hit back in March 2020. "We are committed not only to bringing the laughter back to New York City but also to creating opportunities for neighborhood venues... that are the backbone of New York’s comedy scene."

Hirsch is excited to get things up and running again, "We've heard all along, being shut down, 'Oh I need to have a good laugh. It's the best medicine.'" she said. Some of the venues included are the Apollo Theatre, Beacon Theatre, Carolines on Broadway, and more that spread across all 5 boroughs.

apollo theature comedy festival
@nycomedyfest via Instagram

The festival also had its difficulties in 2020, because of COVID-19 it had to be canceled. So, when it was time to plan this year's hilarious performances, the organizers were prepared to put in the work. Vaccinations became mandatory for workers and attendees of the event, taking every precaution possible. And it seems that all the effort was worth it. The head of the planning team, Louis Faranda is proud of how it turned out, "When people in the industry call to say the lineup looks really good, that's a compliment."

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Unfortunately, many comedians will be unable to attend due to pandemic travel issues. But have no fear! Many admired comedians are returning and are looking forward to sharing their jokes. "I'm proud to be part of the New York Comedy community and so grateful to be a part of showing everybody that the city is resilient and that comedy ere is back on its feet." said comedian Gary Gulman, who will be headlining the event, along with many other fan-favorite comedians. The shows will also include new talent who will, "encompass the diversity of the city" revealed Faranda. With 17 main shows, over 150 smaller shows, and more than 200 comedies, the New York Comedy weeklong Festival is something you definitely don't wanna miss!