The Funeral That Went Way Off Script


| LAST UPDATE 12/21/2021

By Kayla Black

People usually say that when it is their time and they pass away, they want their funeral or their wake to be happy. They don't want their family and friends to be cry over the loss but rather, to celebrate the good times they had together. However, the wake is usually sad and dull. However, there was recently a wake in Germany which took an opposite turn when the guests ate a cake that was laced with marijuana.

Rostock police reported that on Tuesday, after a funeral service in Wiethagen, the family and friends had gone to a restaurant for coffee and cake. This is customary in Germany. But after eating the cake, 13 people began to experience nausea and dizziness until they required medical treatment.

The police investigation revealed that the restaurant employee in charge of the cakes had asked her 18-year-old daughter to bake them. However, the mother accidentally took the wrong cake from the freezer to the funeral. She took a hash cake that the teenager had made for a different occasion.

The 18-year-old daughter is now under investigation.

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