The Disturbing New Documentary That's Leaving Viewers Torn

Scarlett Adler

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In this day and age, documentaries have rapidly taken over the movie scene. From true crime to freak accidents, the tales are bound to captivate the nation. Of course, with all of this captivation comes a lot of opinions, and you can bet viewers will take to social media to share these musings.

In fact, this past year, HBO released a documentary surrounding the disturbing story of Conrad Roy III and Michele Carter. And as the tale hijacked our screens, viewers' dismay transformed into an array of varying opinions on our social media feeds.

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In 2014 Americans everywhere where left mind blown after the tragic story of Massachusetts teen, Conrad Roy III, who killed himself in the summer. But that's not even the worst part. The 18 year old's girlfriend, Michelle Carter, was unveiled to be the mastermind behind the grisly act.

That's right. In a series of text messages, Carter had viciously encouraged him to do the deed. 'If you don't do it now, you're never going to do it. And you can say you'll do it tomorrow, but you probably won't.'

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Carter's chilling words were not only found disturbing, but also guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Her 2017 trial was strewn on media outlets near and far, as viewers dubbed her a heartless monster. Now, new details have emerged, suggesting this 'monster' was perhaps not fully in control.

In the 2 part docu-film, Carter's mental health is brought into question, revealing an abnormal obsession with Rachel Berry, a character from Glee. After failing medications and delusions with reality, Carter's psychopathy is suggested to have contributed to her dirty deeds.

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Of course, viewers are now left torn. Was Carter a soulless animal or simply suffering from mental illness herself? It seems there is an impossible divide, and users took to Twitter to share this fiery controversy.

'Well watching #ILoveYouNowDie has totally changed my opinion on Michelle Carter, unpopular opinion but I feel for the girl,' user @jennakathrynxx admitted. Other users were not as convinced, as Michelle 'may have been messed in the head, but those texts, the lies, the actions...were deliberate and narcissistic and I'm struggling to feel very sorry for her,' @Gonzopixel noted.

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The controversial flick is still available for viewing on the HBO streaming service, as well as British true crime network, SkyCrime.