The Chainsmokers Accused of Putting On an Unsafe & Reckless Concert

Taran Underwood

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Phillip Faraone via Getty Images

Even during a pandemic, people are dying to get their fix of live music, and performers would do anything to put on a show. So, that's what led to the 2020 Safe & Sound Drive-In Concert Fundraiser, featuring The Chainsmokers.

Chainsmokers Social-Distancing Safe & Sound Concert
Getty Images via Kevin Mazur

Sponsored by JAJA Tequila, the event was promoted as a safe space to be, taking social-distancing into account throughout the entire concert. The benefit was held in Water Mill, New York, and attendees were told there would be plenty of space to park their cars and remain far enough away from others.

Drew Performing Safe & Sound Concert
Getty Images for Safe & Sound via Kevin Mazur

However, not everyone was able to view the concert as a fun summer night, especially New York's Governor Cuomo. Once footage from The Chainsmokers' performance went viral on social media, state officials were extremely disappointed in the lack of social-distancing they saw.

"The Safe & Sound Drive-In concert fundraiser followed the guidelines created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and made best efforts to ensure New York's social-distancing guidelines were properly maintained," explained the event's organizers.

Alex Safe & Sound Concert
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The concert's coordinators planned it with good intentions and even made sure that every parking spot was six feet apart. "The event also raised money for No Kid Hungry, Southampton Fresh Air Home, and Children's Medical Fund of New York," an organizer added.

Chainsmokers Aftermath Safe & Sound Concert
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The Chainsmokers members have not commented on the aftermath of the concert, but they clearly felt comfortable enough to get on stage and perform. Who knows, maybe drive-in shows are becoming the new norm!