Teenager Steals Puppy Out Of Her Neighbor's Garden

Taran Underwood

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Having something stolen from you is a violating feeling, especially if it was something that's important to you. Recent CCTV footage showed someone snatching a family's three-month-old puppy right out of their back yard.

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Shannagh Cookson and James Daniel have been neighbors for a while now but from now on, they are sworn, enemies. After a heartbreaking incident occurred when James arrived home from the supermarket and realized that the pup which he had bought for his daughter, was gone. 

At the time, there was an older dog, Molly, who was in the back yard too but, she was still there when he got home. 

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Cookson fully admits to the crime but she is refusing to say where she took the dog. The 19-year-old told the police that she took the puppy because she believed he was being badly treated. She then took it to a friend, whom she refuses to name.

The two parties were called to appear at Manchester Magistrates' Court. Shannagh admitted to what she had done and was ordered to pay a sum of £600, as well as, the same amount the puppy cost in compensation.

She was also ordered to serve a 12-month community order and carry out 150 hours of unpaid work as well as to pay £85 court costs.

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After the court case, Mr. Daniel said''This incident has caused me and my children a lot of distress and now the lie that Shannagh is spreading about the dog being ill-treated is simply adding insult to injury. I spent a lot of money on Penny that I had worked hard for...

..I bought her for my daughter and I'm so angry that a person who I know just took something that isn't hers. I looked at the footage and saw the woman jump over my fence and pick up the kennel with Penny inside. It's just so heartless, shameless and cruel how she brazenly jumped over my garden fence and stole my daughter's puppy dog. The most troubling and annoying thing is that this shameless rogue has stubbornly refused to tell police where she kept the dog or who she sold it to.''

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However, Shannagh still upholds her vow of silence in exposing who has the little pup. She believes the dog is better off in the care of a good friend.

The defense lawyer then stated that "She accepts she took a foolish decision and she regrets that. The dog was given to a friend the defendant is adamant that she hasn't received any financial gain - you are dealing with a 19-year-old lady who had never even troubled the courts.''


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