Taylor Tomlinson to Host CBS' 'After Midnight'


| LAST UPDATE 11/02/2023

By Riley Hammond
Taylor Tomlinson comedy show
@taylortomlinson via Instagram

There's a new face in the late-night lineup! Stephen Colbert, who has hosted The Late Show for the past eight years, just dropped a bombshell during one of his recent episodes. The TV host announced that comedy star Taylor Tomlinson, who is just 29 years old, is stepping into the late-night spotlight as the host of CBS' brand spanking new show, After Midnight.

Starting early in 2024, comedy fans everywhere will be able to catch Taylor's hilarious antics at 12:37 a.m. ET/PT. Now, you might be thinking, "Wait, wasn't that the timeslot of The Late Late Show with James Corden?" And to tell you the truth, you're not wrong for thinking that; After Midnight will be sliding into the former home of James Corden's show to serve its audiences laughs. Not only that, but After Midnight draws inspiration from Comedy Central's hilarius @midnight, a show that used to follow The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. And there's also another fun twist: Stephen Colbert himself is an executive producer on this revival, along with CBS Studios, Funny or Die, and Spartina Industries.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert via YouTube
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So how exactly did this whole gig come about? Stephen Colbert, ever the bearer of good news, let his audience in on the secret that a new late-night show was joining the CBS crew. Before anyone knew it, Taylor was called onto the stage, and the audience could tell she was pretty stoked. "I've never had a real job," she joked, adding, "No, I've been doing stand-up since I was 16, which is not a job." She also let us in on the secret research she's been doing to nail this job – apparently, she'd been browsing TikTok for tips on how to ace a job interview. "TikTok is Google for children," she expressed with a wink. Can anyone really argue with that?

Colbert then weighed in with his own sentiment, saying, "The best part of having one of these jobs is being able to find and hire really good people." It's safe to say that he made the right choice with Taylor Tomlinson. We can't wait to see the hilarity that awaits in early 2024 when After Midnight hits your screens. Be sure to catch it on CBS!

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