Surfs Up! Little Boy Learns How to Ride Waves at the Age of Two

Molly Houghton

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Joao Vitor & Maria Clara via Instagram

Have you ever tried taking surf lessons on vacation and spent most of the time falling off the board? We sure have! Well, this 4-year-old boy from Guaruja, Brazil, a coastal town 55 miles from Sao Paulo, doesn't seem to have that problem. The talented child, Joao Vitor, has been surfing since the age of 2!

@joaovitor_mariaclara via Instagram

Joao was two years and seven months old when he caught his first wave standing up. But surfing might be in Vitor's DNA. According to Joao's mom, the young boy and his older sister, Maria, have both "entered the water since they were babies, from about six months old." Maria started surfing when she was 3 and a half years old, and her little brother was always on their father's lap as he trained the young girl.

@joaovitor_mariaclara via Instagram

It was during one of these family surf sessions that Joao asked his dad to surf. Both parents were surprised when, on the second wave, he was able to stand up completely on his own! Turns out the little surfer had learned a lot from observing his father and sister take on the water.

The young surfer's mom, Camilla, said: "When he stood up the first time me and my husband, who were helping him, did not believe it because he was just a baby. My husband thought he would just stay lying down on the surfboard, but he stood up and surfed the wave straight... He loves the sea, both for surfing and swimming. He is always happy."

@joaovitor_mariaclara via Instagram

Camilla takes her children to the beach every day. "They usually surf on the Beach in front of my house, Pitangueiras beach, on the south coast of Sao Paulo. I just don't take them on very cold and rainy days." The surfing siblings practice their skills most days, and sometimes even share a surfboard. Talk about sibling goals!

@joaovitor_mariaclara via Instagram

The proud mom also discussed the public's reaction, "People are delighted and surprised with such a small child surfing with such skill and so well." As for the boy's future in surfing, Camilla says "I think he got interested in the sport very early and practices very well for his age but I think it's too early to know if he will be a professional surfer."

In the meantime, Joao and Maria's Instagram account, run by their momager, has more than 32,000 followers. Watch this space folks, we got a feeling this little dude is just getting started.