More Streaming Services Are Removing Russell Brand's Content


| LAST UPDATE 09/26/2023

By Riley Hammond
Russell Brand comedy platforms
Mike Marsland / Contributor via Getty Images

It seems Paramount+ is joining YouTube and BBC in pulling the plug on one of Russell Brand's projects after multiple women came forward with sexual assault allegations against the comedian this past week. Brand has denied all claims made against him, but that hasn't stopped streaming giants in the entertainment industry from showing where they stand amid all the the controversy.

According to screenshots taken by NBC News, Brand's comedy special, Russell Brand: Live in New York City, became available for streaming Paramount+ on Tuesday before the platform decided to take it down that same day. The special was released in 2009, one year after Brand starred in the romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The decision to remove Live in New York City makes Paramount the latest company to distance itself from the comedian. YouTube had previously stated that it will no longer allow Brand to profit from his channel on the video sharing platform. They've suspended the monetization of his account "following serious allegations against the creator," the organization shared.

Russell Brand assault allegations
James Manning - PA Images / Contributor via Getty Images
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The BBC is yet another entertainment service that has made its stance on the recent controversy clear to their viewers. The company stated that, after it "assessed that it now falls below public expectations," it decided to remove some of Brand's content from its streaming platform. However, Brand's most recent special, Russell Brand Re:Birth, remains available on Netflix. The streaming service has yet to comment on the status of the one-hour standup film.

Unfortunately for Brand, it's not only streaming platforms that are looking to separate themselves from the comedian. His management agency, Tavistock Wood, has cut all professional ties with him, saying in a statement, "Russell Brand categorically and vehemently denied the allegation made in 2020, but we now believe we were horribly misled by him." Brand has spent the past few years away from Hollywood, and instead gained a large amount of followers while campaigning for political issues. On YouTube, he's amassed 6.6 million followers, while also hosting a show on Rumble, a video platform with conservative pundits. Stay tuned as we find out more about this latest news...

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