NBA Star Steph Curry Takes on Comedy Series 'Mr. Throwback'


| LAST UPDATE 04/12/2023

By Riley Hammond
Steph Curry comedy series
Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer via Getty Images

Looks like Stephen Curry isn't just a basketball icon anymore - he's taking on a new challenge that has fans buzzing with anticipation. Brace yourselves as this next bit of news might leave you amazed and wonderstruck for the rest of the day.

The Golden State Warriors' star is set to showcase his acting skills in an upcoming NBC comedy series titled Mr. Throwback. According to the report by Deadline’s Peter White, Curry will be co-starring alongside actor and comedian Adam Pally. The show will be a mockumentary-style comedy about a sports memorabilia dealer (portrayed by Pally) who reunites with Curry (who plays himself in the series), his sixth-grade basketball teammate. Together, they will bring up the narrative in a satirical, tongue-in-cheek style. "Making the natural transition from behind the camera to center stage opposite Adam Pally, we can't wait for the world to see what we have in store," Curry said, via Deadline. He is excited at the possibility of stepping out of his comfort zone and testing his limits in the acting space.

Adam Pally comedy NBC
Sonia Recchia / Contributor via Getty Images
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Although Curry had a brief stint on HBO's Ballers in 2015, and voice-acted in cartoons, Mr. Throwback will be his first significant foray into the world of scripted TV. However, if history is anything to go by, one could say he will do just fine in the realm of comedy. NBC, the network behind Mr. Throwback, is famous for producing critically acclaimed mockumentary-style sitcoms. Its past productions of shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation have garnered immense praise and have been loved by viewers worldwide. With such a prestigious network in Curry's corner, odds of him hitting it big in the comedy world have just shot up.

Who would have thought that this iconic basketball player, revered for his game's mastery, would showcase his newest talent in the comedy space? But then again, with such unrivaled talent and grace on the court, is anything beyond him? Clearly, he is ready to add another feather to his cap, and we can't wait to see Curry and Pally's chemistry on the silver screen. We're definitely in for a treat with this one - so buckle up and grab the popcorn because the countdown to Mr. Throwback has officially begun!

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