Sons Make Goal To Retire Their Mother Early And They've Done It

Taran Underwood

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When 16-year-old Jhai Dhillon and his brother Simmy opened up a business together, they had one goal in mind. Their aim was to give their mama a well-deserved retirement. It took them 7 years to get to where they are today and they have finally achieved their dream.

The owners of Rice n Spice meals have succeeded in doing what most of us wish we could. They gave their mother the opportunity to leave her hard-working job at Tesco and send her off into the bliss of early retirement. Kal Dhillon, 49, can now have time to herself and do whatever she wants, thanks to her boys.

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Over time, Jhai and Simmy have slowly built an incredible client base. Some of their regular visitors include celebrities such as Leicester City midfielder Demarai Gray, the striker for Wycombe Wanderers Adebayo Akinfenwa and Love Island contestant Molly-Mae Hague.

Jhai Dhillon said that "When my brother and I got to around 16/18 years old, we realized that mum had essentially given up her chance of a career, as her 'job' was raising my brother and I when we were younger. It wasn't until we were older that we realized what she'd given up to ensure we'd never go without and we were always looked after."

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He continued: "So when we were old enough to not need her looking after us, it was really difficult for her to essentially start a career again, so she had to take part-time jobs in supermarkets. When we started the business we realized that we could essentially build something that would provide her with a role that she'd enjoy doing and she'd essentially become a manager rather than being a general staff member at Tesco.

As the business grew, we gradually reduced the days she was working at Tesco as we could support her financially in return for her helping out at the business."

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"This continued until eventually in December 2019, she handed in her notice at Tesco and has essentially been retired since then. She helps out with the business a couple of times a week by managing the shifts and sits in on meetings and calls on strategy or marketing. But she now does this as she enjoys it and it's her 'new baby' rather than because she has to for work.

She spends the rest of her week, reading, going to the gym or doing yoga now."

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Talking about the company's success, Jhai explained that "Initially my brother started the business at university in Bristol which was in February 2017 - we're actually three years old this week. It was only aimed at students [at the beginning]. It worked really well, so he pushed me to start it in our home town of Hitchin, Hertfordshire in around April 2017.

"It was just me and my mum in the Hitchin branch and Simmy would help when back from uni over summer. He decided to take a gap year from uni last year and I decided to stop playing football. During that 12 month period we went from just us three, to having 16 staff."

Well, the boys show no signs of slowing down we're sure Kal is one proud mama.