Silent And Not Deadly: The Farting Hack That'll Change Your Flying Forever

Scarlett Adler

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It's not exactly a secret that flying on airplanes can be less than pleasant. You've got crying babies on one end, and shameless folks eating salami sandwiches on the other...wait, I don't see any sandwiches...?

Okay, it appears this calls for a serious chat, folks: farting on planes. It's become a rising problem over the years, but we've officially got a solution. Shreddies, the same company who brought us fart-filtering underwear, is back and better than ever with their latest invention: fart-filtering underwear - for the plane.

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Paul O'Leary, the British genius behind the invention, came up with the idea after a brutal flight to New York. You see, he realized that the carbon in the original Shreddies fart-filtering, underwear accessories would confuse airport agents, resulting in an embarrassing frisk or forceful removal. Enter the removable banana pad...

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"This is a real game changer for air travel," Shreddies' managing director Richard Woolley shared.

While doing research for the new product, Shreddies consulted gastroenterologist Niket Sonpal, who explained that at 6,000-8,000 ft. planes become pressurized. As a result, the swelling of gasses in our bodies leads to excess farting mid-flight, as you might have noticed...

Well folks, what are you waiting for? The game-changing company sells a series of fart-filtering products, from pj's, to underwear and jeans.