Siblings Arrested After Fighting Over 'Riding Shotgun'

Scarlett Adler

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Facebook via Olyphant PD

Growing up, one of the many fights you'll encounter with your siblings takes place behind wheels: who gets to ride in the front seat.

But for these two siblings, they went from behind wheels to behind bars real quick, after their fight for shotgun took a wild turn.

It all started when 27-year-old Bret Brezenski went to pick up little sister, Brianna, from work. The 20 year old sister was in for an unpleasant surprise, after Bret's girlfriend was already in the passenger seat.

The siblings' argument escalated, as Bret tried to explain that his girlfriend was already in the seat. Eventually, it got pretty heated - so much so, that nearby workers installing the town's Christmas tree, called it in to Olyphant, Pennsylvania's PD.

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' [the workers] called me and said 'there's a girl, they're keeping hostage in the car and she's yelling for help',' responding officer, Police Chief James Devoe recalled.

Bret Brezenski then led police on a half-mile car chase through Olyphant and into Blakely. 'Traffic was packed, they were driving like animals,' Devoe claimed.

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Eventually, a traffic jam left Bret under Devoe's grips, as he ordered all the occupants out of the car.

'I got him calmed down for a second and told him 'get up against the car', but as soon as he saw me put my weapon down, he attacked me (again), so I picked him up and threw him into the grass,' Devoe explained.

But it gets worse, apparently that was Brianna's cue to then step in and attack the horrified cop. Of course, she too was then arrested and taken to the station.

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Upon their arrests, both siblings were charged with simple assault, resisting arrest, and related offenses.

As for the poor girlfriend? She's since filed a restraining order against the vicious siblings - as well as other members of their family. Interesting...

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Safe to say, I have a feeling the pair didn't get to ride shotgun on their ride down to the station.