Selena Gomez To Produce '16 Candles' Spin-Off


| LAST UPDATE 03/20/2022

By Lily Tipton
Selena Gomez, Sixteen Candles
Emma McIntyre/Staff via Getty Images

If you were a fan of the iconic movie 16 Candles back in the day, you will be very excited to hear this news: Selena Gomez is bringing it back to the small screen! The almost forty-year-old movie featuring John Hughes was a coming-of-age film loved by millions. And in line with the current popular trend of Hollywood putting a modern spin on the older classics, it was only a matter of time until 16 Candles was given a turn. Here's everything we know so far.

According to Variety, the half-hour comedy series will be called 15 Candles and "will follow four young Latinas in high school, navigating feelings of invisibility while exploring what it means to leave childhood behind as quinceañera season approaches." Deadline, who was first to report the story, described the series as a "reconfiguration" of the 16 Candles' world. The impressive writing and producing team includes Vida's creator, Tanya Saracho, and Palm Springs executive producer Gabriela Revilla Lugo. And if you've been debating whether to sign up for a Peacock account, there is no time like the present, as it is set to be the new home for the Gomez-produced show.

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The original movie, released in 1984, starred Molly Ringwald, Michael Schoeffling, and Anthony Michael Hall, alongside Hughes. The film tells the story of Sam Ringwald, a teenage girl looking forward to her 16th birthday. Unfortunately, her older sister is set to get married the day after, and in the chaos of the big day, her family has forgotten about her own special day. Despite its 21st century upgrade, we can only assume the show will give a nod or two to the original film and include references sure to satisfy the die-hard original fans.

16 candles reboot series

With Selena's impressive track record for producing incredibly popular content through her production company July Moon Productions, this latest series is sure to be no exception. Besides her acting roles, Gomez has made some of the biggest, and most-talked-about shows in the past decade, including 13 Reasons WhySelena + Chef, and Only Murders in the Building. Stay tuned.

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