Sealed Copy of 'Super Mario Bros.' Auctioned for a Record $114,000

Taran Underwood

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There are some things that will forever be iconic and Super Mario seems to be one of them. On the 13th of July, a sealed copy of the 1985 video game was auctioned for a record breaking $114,000.

Instagram via @supermarioodyssey

This is the highest price ever paid for the legendary Super Mario. Mums and Dads might call it a waste, but the real gamers know that this lucky buyer may have just landed on a bargain.

Image by Heritage Auctions,

According to Heritage Auctions, the copy of the Nintendo Entertainment System game was considered to be of value because it was part of a short production with a cardboard hang-tab underneath the plastic.

Instagram via @supermarioodyssey

For those of you that may not know what we're talking about, this is a feature that was made just after Nintendo started using a shrink-wrap instead of stickers on the box.

Screentshot from Nintendo's 1985 classic video game "Super Mario Bros."

Back in February 2019, the game was sold for a whopping $100,150, but this new record just blew it out the water.

Instagram via @supermarioodyssey

To all our avid gamers out there, get your piggybanks ready because the fun doesn't come cheap.