Rob Lowe’s Father & Son Netflix Comedy Gets a Release Date!


| LAST UPDATE 02/05/2023

By Tabitha Woodcock
Unstable Rob Lowe John Lowe Netflix
@jonnylowe via Instagram

It's the father and son duo we've all been waiting for: while Rob Lowe is no stranger to the industry, he thought it was time to welcome his own offspring into the world of television - and what better way to kick things off than by having his own father by his side? The new Netflix comedy is on the way and closer than you think! Here's what we know.

Rob Lowe has taken his son, John, under his wing. John is a Stanford University graduate, so he already had a lot going for him. However, growing up with his iconic dad plastered onto every commercial had an effect on him. In that case, John wasn't hesitant about checking out the television scene and gave it a shot. So, what is Unstable about? Well, the real-life Lowe duo will reenact themselves a little differently. Instead, viewers will have an unordinary insight into the lives of Ellis Dragon (Rob) and his son Jackson Dragon (John). Ellis has a biotech company that needs saving, and the Stanford alumn swoops in to save the day. Despite Jackson's controversial opinions on his father, he agrees to work with him to save the successful company from disaster.

Unstable Rob John Lowe Netflix
@jonnylowe via Instagram
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The idea behind Unstable is that Rob's character fits into this character, as he describes himself as "unstable" in the teaser trailer. Jackson ends up working with him as he seems to be the only one who "can really reach his father." Ellis is described as a "universally admired, eccentric, narcissist-adjacent biotech entrepreneur," teased Deadline. Of course, when combining these wild personality traits with something as advanced as biotech, there are bound to be multiple mishaps and altercations. On the other hand, while the two are working on saving the company, John is leaning towards a path of escaping his father's shadow. However, the combination of the two doesn't exactly sound like the perfect experiment. Anyways, we guess we will just have to wait for series 1 to find out. John Lowe describes the show as "very relatable but under really specific lengths," where Ellis "loves being the center of attention and his son who feels the exact opposite." As John says, "father-son stuff, man, don't get me started." And we can't wait for a second longer!

As for when you can catch the laughs on your screen? The show will have its Netflix debut on March 30th. There you have it, folks. The iconic comedy co-created, and executive produced by both Lowes, Victor Fresco, and Marc Buckland has been in the works for some time. Now, the masterpiece is being put to the test. We think this will be a good one. Stay tuned.

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