Pete Davidson's Off to Space!


| LAST UPDATE 03/15/2022

By Lily Tipton
Pete Davidson, Space News
John Salangsang via Shutterstock

SNL's Pete Davidson is the latest addition to the exclusive list of celebrities jetting off to space. He may be living his best life here on planet earth, but he's clearly on the hunt to see what else is out there as he's signed up for the next Blue Origin spaceflight. The company, founded by the amazon creator Jeff Bezos, announced recently that its next human passenger flight would take off on March 23 and include six human passengers - one of which is Davidson. Here's what we know.

The upcoming trip to space will be on Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket and will mark the company's twentieth flight to space. This is also the fourth passenger flight after its first flight carrying humans took place in July 2021, with Bezos himself on board. Passengers will be flown at an altitude of over 65 miles to reach the edge of space and will experience zero-gravity for four minutes. A spokeswoman for Blue Origin noted that Davidson would not be paying for the experience, referring to him as an "honorary guest." The other five passengers, however, will be paying for their chance to see outer space. No price has been announced, but we can imagine it doesn't come cheap!

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If Pete needs advice on what to pack, there are a few other previous celebrity space travelers he can contact. Back in October, William Shatner, the Star Trek actor, flew to space at age 90 alongside three other passengers and was officially named the oldest person to travel to space! Notably, the group crossed the Kármán line, 62 miles above planet earth, recognized as the boundary into space. Good Morning America co-host, Michael Strahan, has also ticked 'traveling to space' off his bucket list as he joined the six-member crew on board the December Blue Origin flight.

Pete Davidson, Kim, Kardashian
@kimkardashian via Instagram

From his incredibly high-profile relationship with girlfriend Kim Kardashian to his upcoming comedy series, Pete Davidson is the man of the moment. Understandably he's making the most of all the life experience opportunities coming his way. The historical departure will be streamed live on Blue Origin's website, and Pete will likely offer some publicity for the company with an audience they may not have attracted before. The big lift-off moment will take place at 8:30 am at the company's launch site in West Texas. Up Up and Away!

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