Peppermint: Drag Queen Turns Comedy Queen in Netflix Show


| LAST UPDATE 07/27/2023

By Riley Hammond
Peppermint Comedy Drag Queen
@peppermint247 via Instagram

Peppermint, the queen of sass and sequins, is about to add a new feather to her already plumy cap – comedy! And no, we're not talking about her killer fashion sense, though that's pretty hilarious too!

Remember when Peppermint sashayed her way into our hearts as a finalist on season nine of RuPaul's Drag Race? From then on, she's been a whirlwind of wigs and lip-syncs, leaving a trail of success from Broadway stages to TV screens. Now, she's taking a detour into the world of laughter with a Netflix series titled Survival of the Thickest where she plays – wait for it – herself! "Surprise! The character's name is Peppermint!" she spills to Out. It's like reality crossed paths with fiction and decided to have a tea party. The show is inspired by Michelle Buteau's real-life experiences, but with a peppermint twist! Peppermint is so jazzed about playing herself, she's practically breakdancing with gratitude. "Who would've thought that a Black transwoman from Harlem, who happens to be a drag entertainer, would get such a chance?" she gushes.

Peppermint comedy series Netflix
Survival of the Thickest (2023) SanWitz Productions via IMDb
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But this isn't the only place where Peppermint is serving up laughs. A few moons ago, she dropped her own stand-up special, So-SIGH-ety Effects, which gives an authentic (and hilarious) peek into her life as a single Black transwoman. "When I got this gig, I thoueght about all the comedy specials out there that talk about transgender people - mostly in a way that's as funny as a root canal," she quips. "If some comic can blabber about the trans community without knowing squat, then I'm going to use my drag skills to try something I don't know – stand-up comedy. If you're stepping into my world, I'm strutting into yours!" But don't let her jokes fool you. Peppermint is also a loud-and-proud activist who fights tooth and nail for LGBTQ+ equality. "There are attempts to legislate us out of existence, but that's not happening on my watch. I want folks to hear about the joy, love, and connection we share," she declares.

And so, the year of comedy has begun for Peppermint. With her comedy special and Survival of the Thickest, she's ready to tickle your funny bone while wearing fabulous heels. You can catch all the hilarity on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube, Vimeo, and cable providers worldwide.

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