PB & J's: A Tasty Combo & One School's New Form Of Payment

Scarlett Adler

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Who doesn't love a good ol' pb&j sandwich? We're getting hungry just thinking about it. But you see, after topping one off - followed by a glass of milk, of course, our craving is usually satisfied and we call it a day.

But one university has taken this nationwide obsession to an entire new level. They've gone as far as to accept the delicious combo as a new form of payment.

We're not kidding, folks...

The University of Alaska Anchorage campus has a unique annual tradition and it's bound to warm you heart. Each year, any students hit with that inconvenient parking fine have the option to reduce, or even cover the costs by donating jars of peanut butter and jelly.

These donations are part of an initiative to combat students' hunger, and are added to the school's emergency food cache. As stated on their official website, roughly 1 in 7 Alaskans struggle with hunger.

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So what are the conditions?

Tickets must've either been issued within the past 45 days, or the 60-day "late status" window. And depending on how generous you are will affect your resulting ticket.

Two 16 oz. jars will cover a $10 citation, three will cover $35 and five, $60. And according to the UAA website, the cans must be 'commercially produced, unopened and not expired.'

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This year's campaign will kick off for four days in November, and is a creative effort in the vicious fight against hunger.

Behold, a campaign we can all get behind.