One Woman's 'Wrong Number' Transpires Into Heartbreaking Exchange

Scarlett Adler

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We've all been there, you could've sworn you punched in the numbers right, but you didn't. And now, some stranger in Idaho is receiving your boyfriend's heartfelt birthday message.

But one woman's message to her father's old number transpired into an exchange that's guaranteed to touch your heart.

Chastity Patterson is an Arkansas woman who's been struggling with the death of her father, Jason Ligons, ever since his tragic passing four years back. In an effort to cope with the devastating loss, the twenty three year old has implemented a unique approach.

With every milestone she approaches, she takes to her dad's old cell number to 'fill him in'. College graduation, heartbreak, and battling cancer are only some of these aforementioned, momentous experiences.


But unfortunately, the latest of her momentous occasions was one filled with utter despair. You see, the four year anniversary of her father's passing had approached, and she needed to 'speak with him.'

And so, in a heartbreaking post, she texted her dad's number, explaining her emotional state. Instead of the usual silence that followed, her curiosity peaked when she realized she'd actually received a response.

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Who was on the receiving end? A thoughtful stranger named Brad, who, in an ironic twist of fate, admitted Chastity's messages had 'kept him alive.' Five years ago, Brad himself had also experienced tragedy, as his daughter was killed in a car crash.

He explained that the Arkansas woman's texts were his own personal message from god, providing him with just as much comfort as the mourning daughter.

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Of course, it is no surprise that the heart warming story has gone viral with over 250,000 shares on Facebook. People are touched by the pair's unlikely, incredible relationship, and have only nice words to say about the exchange.

And while we too are touched by the story, our thoughts and prayers are with Brad and Chastity during this trying time. We only hope they can continue to find solace and peace with the help of one another.