One Customer Leaves Shocking Tip Amidst Corona Chaos

Scarlett Adler

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Unfortunately, given the brutal impact of COVID-19 on Americans, establishments, and businesses everywhere have been forced to shut down indefinitely. That's why one very, very generous customer decided to help his local business before they were forced into closure.

It was a typical morning at Skillets - a Florida eatery chain - Naples branch when one local diner instantly changed the lives of its hard-working employees.

Naples Daily News

The charitable donor, who opted to remain anonymous, is a regular at the popular chain. Before he finished his meal, though, he decided to do things differently, leaving a whopping $10,000 tip for the restaurants' entire staff.

He said, "I want each person in this restaurant to get $500. The manager distributed it to all the employees," restaurant owner Ross Edlund told WKRG-TV.

Business Observer

Of course, the shocking act of kindness left employees beyond inspired. The regular customer was just one of many who have become part of the Skillets family.

"People come in and they become family. We know where they are from, we know how many kids they have, and we know what’s going on in their lives. They become a part of our team, a part of our restaurant," Edlund said.