One Company Just Took Photo Shaming To A New Level

Scarlett Adler

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In this day and age, social media has hijacked our lives. Quick grocery run? Dinner date? Of course, our followers have to know about it. Surprisingly enough, same can be said about our job search. In fact, it has become the new norm for potential employers to ask for our social media handles. They might pop over to the 'gram, but its's not a usual 'make or break'.

But one hopeful employee was in for the shock of her life, after what she thought was a mere social media inquiry by future employers. What transpired was far worse than she'd ever imagine.

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24 year old Emily Clow was thrilled after discovering Kickass Masterminds, a company aimed at helping businesses grow. She quickly filled out an application for a marketing position, enclosing her Instagram handle as requested.

Sure enough, the Austin-based company was so displeased with their findings they took to their own Instagram to voice their distaste. On Tuesday the 1st, they copped a bikini snap from Clow's account and posted it as a 'what not to do'.

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After making the horrifying discovery, Clow immediately reached out to the team, asking for the post's removal. Three requests later, twice by Instagram and once by email, the company reacted by blocking her from the page. It was then that Clow 'took the situation to personal stories and Twitter'.

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The disgraced company has since 'taken down all social accounts and website because of numerous death threats and thousands of harassing messages.' Clow, on the other hand, has since received loads of varying 'interviews and opportunities'.