29+ Nostalgic Snacks That No Longer Exist


| LAST UPDATE 12/13/2022

By Arianna Morgan

Growing up, there were some houses known as the snack house: the cabinet was stashed with all things Dunkaroos, Oreo Cakesters, Swoops, and more. But then one day they all just disappeared. Here's what happened.

Altoids Sours

Let's start off with a classic. These little candies were the perfect combination of sour and sweet - and they were always a last-minute purchase at the grocery market checkout counter. But man, did we love them!

Nostalgic snacks discontinued altoidsNostalgic snacks discontinued altoids
Reddit via u/RetroWillis

Altoids Sours hit the market back in 2004 in five flavors: mango, lime, apple, raspberry, mango, and tangerine (which was our favorite), but sadly were discontinued just six years later. According to Altoids' parent company, Mars, "They just weren't popular enough to warrant continued production."


Who doesn't love candy for breakfast? Kudos bars were basically the "healthy" snack bar of the 1990s, even though they were packed with chocolate and sugary granola. The catchy "Kudos, I'm Yours!" commercial was a staple of our childhood, promoting that extra strength in the morning before a day of exercise.

90s Snacks kudos bars 90s Snacks kudos bars
Instagram via @vilatenena

The delicious morning treat was first available in chocolate chip, peanut butter, and fudge flavors. But in 2011, Kudos went under a revamp and introduced Mars candy bars flavors - such as Snickers and Dove. However, all of a sudden, in 2017, our favorite morning snack went off the market, disappointing Kudos lovers everywhere.

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Creme Savers

Creme Savers were a staple in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The hard candy combined strawberry and creme flavors into one delicious sucker, and we just loved it! However, after being on the shelves for over ten years, they suddenly vanished.

creme savers discontinued candycreme savers discontinued candy
Reddit via u/NCLadyAD

Creme Savers were one of those candies that somehow lived in our grandmother's purses for years. And once they were discontinued, grandmothers everywhere had to find a new hard candy to take its place. The creamy sweet candy disappeared in 2011 and hasn't been spotted since.

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Jell-O Pudding Pops

There's nothing that screams afternoon snack like Jell-O Pudding Pops. The ice cream staple was all we wanted and more during the '80s and '90s. But eventually in 2011, the delicious product was pulled from the shelves - and knock-offs (not nearly as tasty) took its place.

jell-o pudding pops discontinuedjell-o pudding pops discontinued
Instagram via @dreamrib

Half the fun was assembling the delicious treat and seeing how the boxed chocolate and vanilla pudding would transform into the ultimate snack. However, Pudding Pops weren't turning much of a profit, and the company tried to salvage its invention by licensing the Jell-O name to Popsicle. But the treat was never the same...

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Banana Nut Cheerios

There is perhaps nothing more wholesome than a bowl of Cheerios. The go-to- cereal has been around for decades and has become a true staple in every household. However, the original flavored cereal isn't the key to everyone's heart, which is why the company began introducing new flavors over the years.

banana nut cheerios discontinuedbanana nut cheerios discontinued
Instagram via @snackjunkiefinland

Arguably, the classic Honey Nut Cheerios is one of the most famous flavors, but a close second was the Banana Nut flavor introduced in 2009. However, the brand announced the flavor was to be discontinued in 2015 and apologized "for any inconvenience" it has caused. Thank you, Cheerios - we accept (kind of).

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Hershey's Swoops

The nostalgia really settled in with this one. The iconic Hershey's Swoops were a staple of the early 2000s. But unfortunately, they didn't stick around for all too long. The delicious snack was shaped like a Pringle but tasted like chocolate and came in all sorts of flavors, exploding our tastebuds.

90s hershey's snacks swoops90s hershey's snacks swoops
Reddit via u/dunnbreeanna

Defined as the ultimate "indulgent, mouth-melting experience" by Hershey's, the delicious box came in the standard Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Reese's, Almond Joy, and more. But there were only six Swoops to a container. People were opting for the more traditional candy bar experience, and in 2006, Swoops was forever gone.

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Cinnamon Spice Tic Tacs

Need a little afternoon pick-me-up? Tic Tacs have always been a fan-favorite treat for consumers looking for a sudden burst of flavor while out on the go. The most popular Freshmint and Orange flavors continue to dominate the market, but there was something about that Cinnamon Spice…

tic tac flavors discontinued tic tac flavors discontinued
Instagram via @ladykatyboo

According to the marketing director for Tic Tac, "The cinnamon flavor was always solid, but not a growth flavor - it wasn't declining nor increasing, so we delisted it [in 2007] to make room for new Powermint and fruit flavors." Well, that was a short and rather spicy run.

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Salsa Con Queso Cheetos

Who doesn't love a bag of Cheetos? Flaming Hot to Jalapeno, we're never disappointed by the cheesy goodness that Cheetos bring to our lives. Well, until the brand seemingly discontinued our third favorite flavor, Cheetos Salsa Con Queso, in 2012. And things haven't been the same since.

cheetos flavors discontinued salsacheetos flavors discontinued salsa
Instagram via @munchieplanet

Inspired by the ultimate chip-and-dip combo, Cheetos Salsa Con Queso was taken off the market, and people were not happy! A Change.org petition was even created to bring the flavor back! But unfortunately, it didn't receive enough signatures. As PepsiCo confirmed to Mental Floss, the snack is no longer available in America.

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Dannon Sprinkl'ins Yogurt

Let's run it back to the middle school days really quickly. We were sitting in the cafeteria during lunch, and all of a sudden, someone would whip out the Dannon Sprinkl'ins Yogurt - and everyone was in awe. The moment the sprinkles hit the yogurt, the yogurt would change colors. And yogurts have never been the same!

dannon yogurt discontinued snacksdannon yogurt discontinued snacks
Reddit via u/taytheism

Yogurt was never so exciting before and hasn't been so exciting since. Unfortunately, this popular '90s snack went MIA in the early 2000s, leaving kids heartbroken over the lack of colorful yogurts, but it inspired many to create the delicious concoction at home! Well, at least try to.

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Waffle Crisp

Waffle Crisp was a sacred morning routine for many families in America and quickly became a breakfast staple after it was introduced back in the '90s. The maple syrup-flavored cereal was perfectly sweet - especially after letting it soak in the milk for just the right amount of time.

90s cereals waffle crisp90s cereals waffle crisp
Instagram via @the.sweet.foodie

Despite being loved by families nationwide, the delicious breakfast treat was discontinued in 2018 after being on the market for over two decades. However, Post Consumer Brands announced the cereal would hit the shelves for a second round after just a few years off the market - and this time sold in boxes instead of bags!

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Jif Power Ups

Whether it's crunchy or smooth, in a bar shape, or between two pieces of bread, there's nothing quite like peanut butter. So when Jif announced the perfect peanut butter bar as a healthy treat for kids, even the adults got excited by the news. But what happened?

Jif peanut butter nostalgicJif peanut butter nostalgic
Instagaram via @groceryventureswithlayan

The J.M. Smucker Co. introduced the Power Ups in 2018 in order for the brand to branch out of its comfort zone and into the snack category. However, Jif announced they were pulling the plug on the delicious snack not even two years later, claiming it was unprofitable.

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Froot Loops Straws

Was there any other way to drink a glass of milk other than through a fruit loop straw? Not for us, at least. Kellog's Fruit Loop Cereal Straws truly was the most exciting way to make sure we got our daily Calcium dose. But everything changed when the product was pulled off the shelves in 2009…

90s froot loops straws90s froot loops straws
Reddit via u/im2gr84u

Parents were less than impressed with the promotion of "nutritionally poor foods" that were targeted toward young children and began suing multiple food distributors. Kellogg's was given a few months to change its sugary formula, but eventually, they just discontinued the snack altogether.

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Trix Yogurt

"Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!" may as well be ingrained in our memory for life. The extremely catchy jingle was used at the end of every Trix commercial and remains near and dear to our hearts - just like the outrageously multi-colored Trix Yogurt.

trix yogurt 90s nostalgiatrix yogurt 90s nostalgia
Instagram via @jwayspillz

The colorful treat came in multiple flavors, from Raspberry Rainbow to Cotton Candy and Watermelon Burst, making children enjoy eating yogurt like never before. However, the product was discontinued in 2016 until a Change.org petition was created, and the yogurt came out in new flavors temporarily. Ah, the power of the internet...

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Oreo Cakesters

There's something about Oreo Cakesters that screams after school soccer practice. It was either cut-up fruit that no one wanted, or the lucky ones hit the jackpot and ended up with Oreo Cakesters. But, when our favorite Oreo snack was discontinued, hearts were broken everywhere…

Nostalgic Snacks oreo cakesters Nostalgic Snacks oreo cakesters
Instagram via @missbrandygreen

The Cakesters were made up of two soft chocolate cakes filled with the traditional Oreo vanilla creme filling. However, after five years on the market, they were discontinued in 2012… but not for long. In 2021, Oreo announced the Cakester would return due to popular demand! As of today, the sweet treat is officially back on select shelves.

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Apple Newtons

These soft cookies had the perfect soft meets chewy consistency that we just could never get enough of. The Baked Apple and Cinnamon flavored Newtons were just one of the multiple flavors that Nabisco brought to the market - and woah did we love them!

fig newtons discontinued snacksfig newtons discontinued snacks
Instagram via @thelatephoenix

When Fig Newtons rebranded to just Newtons in 2012, the company introduced raspberry and strawberry flavors. But for some reason, apple just didn't land. The company discontinued the delicious flavor, but the mini pastry filled with sweet fruit paste is still available in other yummy variations.

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Remember Squeezits? These were the ultimate summer snack in the '90s. Introduced by General Mills over three decades ago, this fruit-flavored juice came in tons of flavors for children nationwide to enjoy. But unfortunately, they were discontinued in 2001.

squeezits nostalgic 90s snackssqueezits nostalgic 90s snacks
Instagram via @amandaaa.johnson14

There was something about this twisty bottle that was irresistible for kids (in addition to the perfect syrupy-sweet and fruity taste). However, when sales started to plummet in the early 2000s, Squeezits went off the market and were impossible to find.

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Lime Coca-Cola

There perhaps is nothing like a crip soda. So when Coca-Cola introduced Coca-Cola with lime, the crowds went wild. The beverage company introduced Lime Coke in 2005 before quietly removing it from the shelves just a year later, and soda drinkers were unimpressed with the decision.

lime coke flavors discontinuedlime coke flavors discontinued
Instagram via @grand_adventure_japan_official

However, for those avid lime lovers, Amazon supplied the delicious drink for a few months before it was discontinued entirely in 2018. Despite the end of the lime soda, Coca-Cola rolled out a new line of millennial-oriented flavors, considered "Insta-ready," such as ginger lime and twisted mango for those looking for their fix.

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Reese's Bites 

As delicious as these little guys were, they were actually pulled off the market for a different reason than most. The Bites lineup included Hershey's, Reese's, and more yummy flavors - which were all discontinued back in 2003 due to a choking hazard! Uh Oh.

hershey's reese's bites discontinuedhershey's reese's bites discontinued
Insta"ram via @jme719

Ironically enough, once Reese's Swoops hit the market in 2004, they were considered the replacement for the chocolatey Bites. But we all know how that turned out. A few years later, in 2012, Swoops were replaced by the Reese's Mini, which still are flying off the shelves.

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BBQ Fritos

This really was one of the most adored chip flavors of all time, so when Frito-Lay announced its departure, consumers everywhere were quite confused (to say the least). The "tangy, flavor-packed twist on Fritos' classic corn chip" was initially discontinued in 2018 - but it didn't stay gone for all too long…

bbq fritos 90s kidsbbq fritos 90s kids
Instagram via @grubwithgrainer

Fans of the BBQ Fritos were determined to get their favorite chip back on the market, so they all band together to sign a Change.org petition. And the chip distributor heard the people loud and clear! Frito-Lay brought back the delicious flavor permanently shortly after.

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Sriracha Snack Mix Cheez-Its

Cheez-Its are like the long-lost twin of Cheetos, and we love them both. There was perhaps nothing like getting a bag of Cheez-Its for a school snack, but when the Sriracha flavor was introduced, that was a total game changer like we've never seen before.

nostalgic snacks cheez its nostalgic snacks cheez its
Instagram via @santiagoedison1

It seems not everyone loves hot sauce and Sriracha. Cheez-Its crafted the bold flavor by combining their beloved traditional taste with the spicy kick of Sriracha to produce the ultimate Snack Mix. However, by 2019 the flavor had been knocked off the shelves. Do we smell another Change.org petition?

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As far as we're concerned, there is nothing more reminiscent of our childhood than the famous Dunkaroos! For those who grew up in the '90s, these delicious treats were a staple during lunchtime. The delicious cookies came packed with icing that had to be dunked into (duh), and there was simply nothing better.

90s kids snacks dunkaroos90s kids snacks dunkaroos
Instagram via @ohihadthat

Although Dunkaroos were the ultimate lunchbox snack, they didn't stick around forever. And by 2012, the delicious treat had been removed from the shelves. However, in 2021, General Mills released a Dunkaroos cereal, and Yoplait introduced Dunkaroos yogurt for those in need of the nostalgic flavor.

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Heinz E-Z Squirt

Despite believing ketchup was the color red our entire lives, Heinz switched things up in the early 2000s when the company debuted the EZ Squirt bottle. The H.J. Heinz company introduced the Blastin' Green ketchup as a promotion for the first Shrek movie - and the public (especially children) went crazy over it!

90s nostalgia heinz ez squirt90s nostalgia heinz ez squirt
Instagram via @childhoodpicsandclips

The EZ Squirt bottle was a child-friendly plastic bottle that was squeezable (of course), and kids loved it. After the success of the green ketchup, the company developed, Totally Teal, Passion Pink, Funky Purple, and more, until eventually, sales dwindled. And in 2012, the flavors were knocked off the shelves.

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Butterfinger BB’s

Butterfinger BB’s may be gone, but they certainly are not forgotten. The crunchy, buttery, and chocolatey combination was the ultimate movie theatre snack back in the early '90s that everyone adored. But eventually, they disappeared years later, never to be seen again.

Nostalgic Childhood Foods Discontinued Nostalgic Childhood Foods Discontinued
Reddit via u/KingLuchini

Despite popular opinion, the bite-sized sweet snack was unfortunately discontinued in 2006. However, Butterfinger Bites were released three years later as a replacement for the iconic Butterfinger BBs. And although they are no BBs, they still remain on the market today.

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Ouch! Bubble Gum

Why was this nostalgic candy from the '90s so memorable? The packaging. Ouch! Bubble Gum was the coolest candy on the market due to its unique metal container packaging designed to resemble a Band-Aid tin. Plus, the flavors were beyond delicious!

ouch! gum 90s kidsouch! gum 90s kids
Instagram via @alsiggitysauce

The sticks of gum arrived in multiple flavors, from watermelon and strawberry to grape. And each stick of gum was wrapped with paper to make it look like it was a bandage. Years after its debut, the packaging was redesigned, but unfortunately, it didn't land - and the delicious gum was discontinued.

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Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pops

Hubba Bubba was home to some of the most iconic candies of the '90s and 2000s, and this product, in particular, is truly taking us for a stroll down memory lane. Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pops were perhaps the most desirable candy on the market upon its release, but eventually, consumers were sadly over them.

hubba bubba discontinued candyhubba bubba discontinued candy
Instagram via @chrisbeeblack

However, these sugary and sticky-tasting treats became unpopular amongst the masses and were eventually discontinued. Some say they didn't like the feeling of the gummy taste, and others say due to health concerns. Either way, the nostalgic Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pops no longer exist.

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Ice Breakers Liquid Ice

Ice Breakers mints and chewing gum have been around for years and years, but when the Hershey's Company-owned brand introduced Liquid Ice back in 2003, the minty breath freshener did not stick around for very long whatsoever. Eventually, it was discontinued a year later.

ice breakers discontinued 90sice breakers discontinued 90s
Instagram via @michelstafford

Consumers were consumed: were they liquid, or were they solid? The microscopic minty breath freshener would almost pop in one's mouth, but the taste was far from an enjoyable one, according to consumers. People complained the mint was way too intense and bitter, knocking it right off the shelves.

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Cheez Balls

Similar but different to Cheetos, Planters Cheeze Balls was the burst of cheddar we all loved and needed. The cheddar-dusted corn snacks were packed in this iconic blue tin canister, and we can just envision our young selves demolishing a can of these babies in pure and utter happiness.

cheez balls childhood snacks discontinued cheez balls childhood snacks discontinued
Instagram via @shellwolf

However, Planters discontinued the delicious snack in 2006, but a Cheez Balls lover created a petition to bring them back on Change.org and received under 1000 signatures. However, the Kraft-Heinz-owned brand decided to bring back the popular snack years later, satisfying hearts and souls everywhere.

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Guacamole Doritos

In theory, these should have been a grand slam. The perfect tortilla chip is meant to be dipped into guac anyways, so why not just create a chip with both features? Well, that's exactly what Doritos did. But after three years on the market, Frito-Lay pulled the flavor off the shelves.

doritos discontinued flavors guacamoledoritos discontinued flavors guacamole
Instagram via @staciejess

According to a representative at PepsiCo, the parent company of Frito-Lay, the company decided to discontinue the beloved flavor in "order to make room for new ideas and the ever-changing market demand." Despite a few Change.org petitions, the delicious flavor unfortunately never made it back into our snack cabinets.

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Reptar Crunch Cereal

For all those '90s children out there, let's take a moment to remember one of the greatest cartoons of all time, the Rugrats. The iconic animated series ran through the 1990s, and towards the end of the decade, the animated film, Rugrats: Runaway Reptar was born.

post cereal 90s nostalgiapost cereal 90s nostalgia
Instagram via @cereallife

In honor of the movie, Reptar Crunch cereal was born. The delicious cereal consisted of purple rice crips and green dinosaur shapes but only lasted on the market for a few months before it was permanently discontinued. Man, oh man, do we miss that show!

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Hershey’s Kissables

We know we can always rely on Hershey's Kisses. The classic chocolate candy has been around since the early 1900s (yup), and when the candy company introduced Kissables, the colorful mini-Kisses which were very similar to M&M's, they started off pretty strong.

hershey's kissables discontinued snacks hershey's kissables discontinued snacks
Instagram via @cheeziepuffs

However, just a few years after its 2005 launch, the company introduced a cost-cutting reformulation, and people noticed the drastic change in taste. And just like that, the colorful candy was discontinued in 2009. But just like our other nostalgic treats, we'll never forget them...

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