Newborn Saves Twin Brother's Life


| LAST UPDATE 03/09/2021

By Scarlett Adler

They say twins have a connection like no others. But for two newborn twin brothers, this stance was taken to an inspiring new level.

And it's going to warm your heart...

Mother of five, Hannah Zimunya, was expecting the worst after going into labor over three months early. Her newborn babies, twin boys Dylan and Deiniol, were so tiny, they had to be rushed 60 miles to Bolton's neonatal unit.

After being placed on ventilators, baby Dylan's condition improved and he was permitted to leave the unit. Unfortunately for brother Deiniol, though, that was far from the case...


At a shocking 1 lb 9 oz (.7 kg), Deiniol's family prepared for the worst, with his condition fatally declining. And so, doctors organized for brother Dylan to come say a final goodbye.

But they never could've expected what'd happen next...

After just 5 minutes cuddling together in the incubator, Deiniol's condition eventually stabilized, and his oxygen support was reduced in half.


'The next day his oxygen [support] levels had gone back up to 100% and he was showing signs of deterioration again, so the nurses suggested bringing Dylan back for another cuddle,' the worried mother revealed.

Sure enough, two days later Deiniol was taken off of his ventilator.

The twin brothers remained in Bolton for two months, until Dylan was discharged in January, followed by Deiniol's release in April this year.


While Deiniol still requires minimized amounts of round-the-clock oxygen, 'just getting Deiniol home in the first place was amazing, because he was in hospital for seven months whereas we brought Dylan home after four,' Hannah admitted.

The brothers shared a big party for their 1st birthday, with brothers TJ, 8, sisters Lily, 6, and Thandi, 3, last month.

'I can't explain how happy I am both boys have celebrated their first birthdays, because there was a time where we didn't know if both of them would get the chance to,' said Hannah.