A New Kind of Comedy Club Is Opening in Texas


| LAST UPDATE 12/21/2021

By Molly Houghton
TK's Comedy Club
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Forget the usual comedy club experience: "a stuffy club, two-drink minimum, and barely any food in sight," as T.K. Matteson and Kara Kimbrough put it- is the new real deal. This duo is bringing something different to the table - literally.

Stand-up comedy lovers better get that bucket list out and add this new restaurant to their list of places to go: TK's in Dallas, Texas, is shaping up to be a hot spot for the city's funniest faces. The eatery is a passion project from husband-and-wife T.K. Matteson and Kara Kimbrough. And the happy couple is no stranger to comedy. In fact, they might be bringing some of that Hollywood glam to the Lone Star State. The duo first met in Los Angeles as they both pursued their comedy dreams. And Matteson and Kimbrough got quite far, appearing on Comedy Central's Comis Unleashed and America's Got Talent. And now, they're combining their two biggest loves - humor and delicious food - to change the comedy club game forever. T.K. and Kara brought their talents back to their home state and are ready to bring laughter to many with their re-envisioned comedy club experience.

New Comedy Clubs Opening
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Brush away everything you know about a typical comedy club and picture this: plenty of food going around, a menu filled with "elevated American cuisine" including starters, meats, seafood, and specials, a comedy stage with a separate restaurant and bar attached. Not only that, but TK's will be open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. The eatery-bar-comedy club is set to open this New Year's Eve. The night will include a three-course dinner, a comedy show, DJ, and a champagne toast. And the owners themselves will hit the stage for some good laughs, along with comedian Todd Rexx.

"Kara and I have a passion for great comedy, incredible food, personalized customer service, all delivered with a winning sense of humor," T.K. shared in a release. "This is the culmination of everything we love, and we can't wait to serve up our favorite dishes and jokes with the neighborhood."

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TK's will be the latest to open out of a series of comedy clubs. The Dallas Comedy Club opened in September, The House of Comedy opened in November, and The Comedy Arena expanded its venue. So it seems like a good time to book a ticket to the LOL-filled city.