A New Comedy Channel Is Headed Our Way!


| LAST UPDATE 01/28/2022

By Molly Houghton
new comedy channel witz
Jason Kempin / Stringer via Getty Images

Get ready to laugh out loud and this time, do it for free. That's right: zero money, lots of laughs, no strings attached. How? It's all part of an epic collaboration between two groups dedicated to bringing people good entertainment for no money. Here's everything we know so far about the goodies coming our way.

The new project is a collab between Best Ever Channels, an entertainment company dedicated to pairing "the content certain people love with the community they crave," and The Stand Group, a comedic talent agency that manages comedians, writers, producers, directors, and actors. So how are these two groups teaming up to bring us some free laughs? The pair announced this week the release of a new comedy channel called Witz. But it's not just your average cable channel: it's FAST, free ad-supported streaming television. Witz will feature stand-up comedy specials, talk shows, and curated library programming. Yeah, we're excited, too.

witz stand-up specials
Brent N. Clarke / Contributor via Getty Images
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So what exactly are FAST channels, other than free? The streaming method is meant to imitate live television with its ads, rather than the standard pay-to-watch streaming provided by the likes of Hulu and Netflix. So while other streamers film stand-ups beforehand and edit them to perfection for our screens, Witz will feature "true live" feeds with real-time stand-up specials from comedians. Also joining Witz will be the recently produced specials from some iconic funny faces - like Rich Vos's VOS Anonymous Derek Gaines' Why Was I Home Anyway?, Laurie Kilmartin's 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad and Aaron Berg's Stands Down.

"We think the new home-run in comedy is to mirror the physical comedy experience with a digital one," explained Cris Italia, The Stand Group's partner, and former Standup Comedy Booker for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "With their technical, syndication and marketing prowess, BEC is the perfect partner. This will help us take our 'artist-friendly' home for comedians into the homes of a massive streaming audience." Consider our doors wide open! While there's no exact date announced just yet, Witz will be releasing its services later this year. Until then, stay tuned!

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