Netflix Drops Trailer for Darkly Comic Thriller 'The Murderer'


| LAST UPDATE 07/11/2023

By Riley Hammond
Netflix Comedy Murderer trailer
The Murderer (2023) Netflix via IMDb

Netflix has just released the trailer for its first-ever film in Thailand's Isan dialect - The Murderer, directed by none other than cult filmmaker Wisit Sasanatieng. And let us tell you - it looks like a real doozy!

Set in the Isan region of Northeastern Thailand, the movie takes place on a stormy night as the police hunt down a ruthless killer responsible for a heinous massacre. But with just one look at the trailer, we know this isn't your ordinary crime thriller. What really sets The Murderer apart is its cast, which features local actors speaking Isan dialect - a first for Netflix Thailand. As director Wisit explains, "Both the lead and supporting actors had to be of Isan descent and proficient in speaking the dialect." With such a unique cast, it's no wonder the film went through a meticulous casting process. But that's not all - the movie promises to break out of the traditional mold of Isan films, which tend to be simple rural comedies. Instead, Wisit has combined murder mystery, dark comedy, and highly stylized visuals to create something truly special. As he puts it, "The screenplay is full of humor and satire. It reflects our society and current circumstances, such as the media’s sensationalization of murder cases."

Netflix Murderer Trailer Release
LOIC VENANCE / Contributor via Getty Images
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And let's talk about those visuals for a second. If you're familiar with Wisit's previous works, Tears Of The Black Tiger and Citizen Dog, you know he's got a flair for vibrant colors and stunning sets. The Murderer is no exception - the trailer alone is a feast for the eyes. But the production wasn't without its challenges. At one point, the crew couldn't find a studio large enough to accommodate all the scenes within the required timeframe. So what did they do? They found a house suitable for filming and covered it with massive tentage, so they could film day and night, rain or shine.

We don't know about you, but we're already counting down the days until July 27th, when The Murderer drops on Netflix. As Wisit says, "When we consume media, we only see what is presented to us – we seldom know the whole truth. This movie will enlighten us on what reality is like." We're willing to bet it'll also give us a few laughs and plenty of thrills along the way!

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