Netflix Orders First Ever Pilot - A Comedy From Samara Weaving


| LAST UPDATE 04/07/2023

By Lily Tipton
Netflix First Pilot Order
@samweaving via Instagram

Netflix, the ultimate streaming giant, is making new moves, ordering its first-ever pilot! For twelve years, the entertainment site had focused exclusively on a straight-to-series model, which has provided them with significant success. That being said, they have recognized the strength of branching out and have begun testing this new production approach. The series that had them jumping ship is Little Sky, a single-camera comedy from Samara Weaving. Here's everything we know so far.

Little Sky tells the story of Penelope Paul Porter (Weaving), who dreams of becoming an on-air news reporter. Although Porter lacks the necessary skills, she is determined to make it big and vows never to give up. When she is informed that the town's Mayor is missing, she senses this is the opportunity she has been looking for and sets out to prove herself as the reporter she knows she can be. However, during her investigation, she quickly realizes she's stepped into something much darker than she anticipated.

Samara Weaving Little Sky
@samweaving via Instagram
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Netflix has ordered the pilot of Little Sky from its creator Rightor Doyle, who will also take on the role of director. Samara Weaving is the show's main star and executive producer. While this pilot development model is certainly unprecedented for Netflix, inside sources have confirmed that this is not a new permanent direction for the streamer. At present, Little Sky is the only pilot to have been ordered, with Deadline reporting that this decision was specific to the case of this show. While they had high hopes for the premise, they felt a pilot was an ideal way to test the tone and get a feel for the cast's chemistry.

It seems everything is banking on the success or failure of this series development model. If the Little Sky experiment proves worthwhile, the streamer will likely be open to further pilot projects. Currently, Netflix streams shows such as Arrested Development and Lucifer, which were piloted and streamed originally by other networks. Considering the success of this, it may prove financially worthwhile to add their own pilots to their business model. Stay tuned to see how it all works out!

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