Neighbors Receive Strange 'Gifts' On Their Doorsteps


| LAST UPDATE 07/18/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Youtube/ WTVR-TV

The idea of a man coming and leaving you presents in the middle of the night is only cute when referring to Santa Claus. Homeowners in Virginia have woken up to the strangest delivery on their doorsteps. Some neighbors find this weekends event rather disturbing but police are calling it a well-orchestrated prank.

At least 60 people living in Henrico's Hampshire neighborhood woke up to an odd surprise of old school TV sets, laid on their doorsteps.


Doorbell surveillance cameras caught footage of a suspicious man, wearing a full-body jumpsuit and a TV set on his head. The man walks up to the door, places a TV set down and walks away. It's a nice gesture, but it's leaving homeowners in Virginia rather confused.

Youtube/ WTVR-TV

Police were notified of the situation the very next morning. They received footage from neighbors who didn't know whether to be frightened or grateful. One of the homeowners, Michael Kroll said: "I thought my son brought it home, but apparently not. They had way too much time on their hands if they had all these TV's and spread them all over the neighborhood." The police then made an effort to visit all the homes of those who were 'inconvenienced' and collected all the television sets.

Another homeowner, Mr. Brooksbank, reported that "The police did a great job of coming up and collecting them all."


Although some neighbors are concerned that this may be a 'message' of some sort or a reason to feel concerned, police believe its a harmless prank. In fact, the same thing happened to a nearby neighborhood last summer and nothing came of it.

Mr. Kroll said: "I think it's just a prank. Some college students who are just bored."

Well, if any other college students are bored, I wouldn't mind a new TV.