Narcos To Gator Sightings: Craziest Accounts Of Hurricane 'Dorian'

Scarlett Adler

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This year's most devastating hurricane, a.k.a 'Dorian', has officially come full force. Upon reaching hurricane-status on August 28th, it has since pummeled the U.S., British Virgin Islands, and Bahamas.

The category 5 hurricane has sustained record-breaking wind gusts of over 220 mph, higher than the biggest tornadoes. Dorian's fury has baffled everybody, even 'Hurricane Hunter' Richard Henning who confessed the hurricane center had doubts as to how it could be real.

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Unfortunately, with a storm of such capacity comes mass devastation; people from all over have joined forces to share their support, both physically and emotionally. So too, many on the receiving end have taken to social media to share personal accounts.

While the stories and accounts are innumerable, the most shocking stories we've encountered thus far provide us with an idea of what they are experiencing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those bearing the storm.

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Gator Goes For A Stroll

Producer for Atlanta’s WSB-TV station, Kimberly Page, posted the bizarre snap of a gator's late night stroll around 4 a.m Thursday. Fellow reporter Jake Wallace originally shared the flick with her and she couldn't resist but share it with the rest of us - And we're here for it.

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Mysterious Drugs Wash Ashore

Last Tuesday, one unlucky (or lucky - you're call) Florida beach goer stumbled across a shady package on their morning stroll at Paradise Beach. The jogger called in the wrapped object, labelled "D-I-A-M-A-N-T," to Melbourne County police, who were left unsettled.

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Sure enough, the gift was indeed a 1 kilogram brick of cocaine, "wrapped in a way that was consistent with narcotics." But it gets weirder.

Another 'gift' - this time a duffel bag, washed ashore Cocoa Beach days earlier, containing 15 kilos of the goods. Cops estimated a street value of over $300,000 for the white substance and are sure this won't be the end of the discoveries amidst Dorian's frenzy.

Aquarium Comes To Life

On Sept. 2nd, as Dorian was making its way towards Florida's east coast, Sierra Autumn Moon decided to squeeze a walk in with her furry friend. Moon was on NE 10th Ave in Boynton Beach when she encountered this unique sea creature.


As she explains, 'it looked like the inter coastal started to over flow into the streets,' prompting her sighting of the catfish. Eventually, the fish disappeared into the sewage grate, as Moon witnessed.

Lurking Sharks

One of the more undocumented risks of brutal storms is the appearance of new faces - or creatures. As Florida's Health Dept. warned, be alert to wildlife and other beings as they are displaced by the violent winds and rain.

Bahamian dad, Adrian Farrington, 38, had to frantically prop 5 year old son AJ on a nearby roof in Abaco Island after spotting sharks in the shadows. Farrington told the Nassau Guardian that 'after about an hour of treading water and bleeding, I noticed...some fins swimming along the houses.'

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Man Parks Car In Home

Patrick and Jessica Eldridge reside in Jacksonville, Florida, in the brute of Dorian's wrath. They were fearful their frail Smart Car would get swept away in the vicious winds and needed to think fast.

They came up with the quirky decision to store the vehicle in their kitchen for the time being. Jessica was rather proud of their quick thinking and took to social media to share a flick of the deed.

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How You Can Help

Dorian has proven to be ruthless. In its short amount of time, the horrifying storm has caused immense pain and damages to those in its path.

There are various organizations and operations currently scouting money and support in the much needed steps towards disaster relief. The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency has released a guide for those who wish to get involved and make a difference.